Session 9- Wealth Gladiators Success Ensurance Coaching

“Pay It Forward” Apprentice Millionaire Coaching Circle

Insights, actions, resources and challenges to building Personal Power MINDSET, Prosperity and Wealth in an ever challenging world.

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COACH’S COMMENT – “Why” is the Fuel

Why? Why? Why?

Why do anything? Why do you work? Why do you do what you do?

Why don’t you stop? Stop working? Stop brushing your teeth? Stop watching time-wasting TV? Stop resenting people? Stop fearing things? Stop hurting yourself? Stop putting bad foods/stuff into our bodies.

Why don’t you stop holding yourself back?

Your Why is your fuel to keep you going when the going gets tough. Are you using your Why fuel for other negative things? Why has enormously great power.

Why has momentum. Your Why assists you to find solutions to your challenges. Your Why lifts you over hurdles. Your Why gives you the resilience, persistence and passion to keep on going when others would have given up long ago.

Life has many distractions, challenges and opportunities. Our problem is where do we focus and WHY.

We seem to do everything for a reason. Any reason sometimes! Why do you watch TV when you could do so much more with your time?

Why do you take your kids to school? Why do you have a car? Why do you save, or NOT save? Why do you invest? Why don’t you read? Why don’t you plan financially for when you stop working? Why anything?

Every action is driven by a your WHY (Conscious or unconscious) … somewhere!

If you don’t have a clear and present “WHY”… you choose to be wealthy, prosperous, abundantn happy or healthy – you’ll probably never get there. Other WHY’s will take precedent.

Try this hypothetical example . I’ll take a little bet with you. The prize is your child’s or loved one’s, LIFE! If I win… your loved one dies! OK? (Just a hypothetical bet 🙂

Here’s the bet… You must bring me 500,000 in cash within 10 months (your own money – free and clear … not a loan, theft or donation etc.) It must be money you have earned and made through legal and fair transactions.

IF you make the funds, and can show them to me within 10 months, you win, and your child lives…or else your loved one dies! Are we clear on the challenge here?

Now… Do you think you have a clear and driving WHY with this bet?

How is this different from your normal WHY for creating health, wealth or prosperity for yourself? Would you generate this money to win this bet? You betcha…Yes!

Imagine having a WHY that is filled with passion, fun, excitement, thrill, value, service, and satisfaction? What would it be like to have a “Pleasure” WHY rather than a “Pain” based WHY?

So what can you begin to do to design and build a “pleasure” based WHY? Why do you want to be wealthy? Why do you REALLY… REALLY… REALLY… want to be wealthy? What will it give you? Write it all down in your diary. Let me know WHY you want to be wealthy. How would it change your life, and how would you change the world.

When you can begin to get clear on your WHY, you will begin to discover your “how’s”. Start to build your WHY… NOW – Today. without a strong why you’ll seldom discover an effective how.




Millionaire Mind

Your first step is to become very clear about what you want to do with say… a million dollars. Make your Million-Dollar Wish List.

Write down everything you would do with your first million.

Find out exactly how much each item costs and keep adding items to your list until you’ve spent a million dollars – at least on paper for now..



Planning for Success – Breaking the bonds of FEAR


From my experience, there are a few primary reasons for lack of wealth and prosperity. These include lack of clarity, lack of focus, low self-worth and low self-esteem, negative and limiting beliefs, and finally LACK OF intelligent, value-adding ACTION. Lack of action is caused by all of the above plus laziness and FEAR.



Make a list of all of your fears relating to wealth, building wealth and success?

What 1 thing can you do would change these fears?

Now go and DO IT!



For Every Action…Resistance!

More than 90% of what we fear never happens!

People use so many reasons that are really “fear of something”. Fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of loss, fear of ridicule, fear of not fitting in, fear of not being good enough. etc.

What fears hold you back? What can you do about them NOW? so DO IT!

We all have some kind of comfort-zone that keeps us “safe” and protected. It can also keep you poor and unhappy. Safe in my comfort zone = dog food for you when your 50+!

Get uncomfortable, grow, stretch and act. IF you are going to build wealth and prosperity you will need to expand beyond this current comfort-zone. You will need to stretch yourself… maybe to a place you have never been before… until now.

You are going to have to give up your parking in your comfort zone asap, if you are planning to become wealthy.

Keep asking yourself where are the “edges” of my comfort- zone… and keep on pushing the boundaries further and further. Keep on, slowly but surely, STRETCHING yourself beyond your imagined fears and comfort-zone boundaries.

It’s called the “Millionaires Stretch”…

Just like the mother bird must PUSH her fear-filled chicks out of the safe nest to discover they can indeed fly… You need to push yourself out of your “safe-nest” to discover that you to can have more, do more, and be more! Stop hiding! Lets get out of the comfort zone – just doe a little while.

NOTE: Your financial nest is not “safe” if you look at your financial destiny the way you might have been going until now!

So push yourself, PUSH… PUSH… PUSH your boundaries of comfort. Play, have fun, explore. Push your boundaries of possibility.

Get a little uncomfortable today to avert life-long discomfort in your future old-age. Rather choose the perceived pain of stretching now than the real pain of regret, hunger and humiliation, later. You have been enlightened! Take action

As your Wealth coach…I challenge you to do 3 things that are on, or beyond, the edge of your comfort-zone today.

I challenge you to scare yourself, with love.

Go beyond or go without! Just go and do it. YES… You can!

Let me know how you go.

Please remember.. in doing this never compromise your health and Wellness.


Millionaire Mind

Your Second Step is to become completely familiar with the lifestyle you’ve would have described in your Million-Dollar Wish List.

Where do you want your mansion to be located? What style? How many rooms, a pool?, spa?

Vividly Imagine yourself living in a specific home

Mentally go from room to room and picture yourself and your family living comfortably in your dream home

What car do you want? Visit dealers and test-drive/study your dream car. Get brochures and keep a picture where you’ll see it regularly. Imagine driving it.

You will need to invest some of your million. Begin to learn everything you can about investing and protecting your money.

Take courses, read books, subscribe to investment magazines. Pretend you’ve invested in property, the Stock Market and any other investment vehicles and see how you do (In Practice) .

Take every item on your Million-Dollar Wish List and examine it thoroughly.

If you want to become a millionaire through deliberate attraction, you must “see it, feel it, taste it” smell it, and BELIEVE that you are in the process of becoming the next Millionaire.



“Anyone who has never made a mistake
has never tried anything new.”
Albert Einstein


Millionaire Mind

Your third step is to prepare yourself to allow it or receive it. Most of us sabotage ourselves. We find it difficult to graciously own what we have asked for. We have been trained to believe that there is something wrong with or immoral about being wealthy.

Some of us carry deeply ingrained beliefs that we must work hard to earn.

Use these phrases to get closer to attaining your goal of being a millionaire: “I’m in the PROCESS of becoming a millionaire.”

“The Universe is in the process of brining everything I need to know, say or do to become a millionaire.”

“I’m an opportunity magnet that moves me closer to being a happy, healthy, peaceful, millionaire.”






1. In your Wealth Gladiators’ File, make a list of all of your money “leaks”. List all the places where you waste, fritter or lose the opportunity to save or grow your wealth base.

2. List all the ways / places where you spend money unnecessarily, that could be redirected to building your future wealth or reducing existing debts.

3. Which of these money leaks can you, and will you, commit to stopping right now, and redirect the funds to more important areas.

4. Find, and talk, to a wealthy person on how they value their money, and how they resolve/d their leaks. Give us some feedback via email, on what you’ve learnt from this/these people and how you can apply it to your life.

We really want to share wealth wisdom so please give us the feedback to share with others.

5. Write and commit to a plan to clear your top 3 money leaks within 30 days. Go for it. You can do it. I know you can.




Would you be interested in a workshop on this material? Please let me know.






I want you to sit down for 20 to 30 minutes and imagine being really wealthy. Imagine being exceedingly prosperous, wealthy and successful. Get a detailed and clear picture.



You are the master of your universe. You make yourself angry, sad or happy.

How can you make yourself feel abundant right now?


How would it feel? What would your ideal day be like? What clothes would you wear? What foods would you eat?

How would you look after your body and your mind? What self-development and self-growth would you initiate?

What fears would disappear? What pain would dissolve? What challenges would recede? What power would you have?

Who would you have as friends? How would you have fun? Where would you holiday? What would you do differently? What time would you set aside for relationships and loving? What would you do to make a difference in the world?

What would you get from all of this abundance? And what would that then give you? How would all of this make you feel? Feel? Feel?

And now for the shocker! …What stops you from getting these feelings now? What really stops you from CREATING these feelings right now? You can…if you CHOOSE!

Explore ways to create these feeling, intentionally, right now. You are the master of your YOU-niverse – CREATE… CREATE… CREATE what you feel like… intentionally…Why not Now? Give it your best shot – your are worth it.

Make the decision to take charge of your mental-emo state. Become a powerful “creator” and not just a robotic reactor. Your destiny is in your hands. Begin to CREATE IT TODAY!

How can you help create this in another person’s life too.




Money Moment – Wealth Building Exercise #9


Process.. Imagine I have just given you R/$500,000. What would you do with it? Be specific, list everything you would do with it in your diary once again.

Now, imagine actually spending/investing this money. Imagine all of the feelings, sounds, experiences as vividly as possible. Make notes of any special insights, thoughts or feelings.

How would it change your life? How would you change life?

And please send me an email with your list of how you would utilise this money and any insights you may gain. Remember it’s all in the feeling.. The feeling creates the ATTRACTION. – The Secret tip.





Q9.1 Why are you not wealthy now? Please explain clearly.

Q9.2. Where have you been limiting yourself?
Q9.3. In what 3 ways can you stretch yourself now
(without being irresponsible)?


Q9.4. WHY do you really wish to be wealthy- list please


Q9.5. What’s REALLY stopped you from being wealthy?


Q9.6. What are your biggest REAL financial fears?


Q9.7. What can you do about your fears now?


Q9.8. What would your ideal lifestyle look like – Please give me a description of a perfect day for you – for 24 hours


Q9.9. What amount of financial income is required to achieve this ideal lifestyle?
Q9.10. So what can you begin to do right now to start to move towards this vision in small incremental steps?


Q9.11. IF you were to start a business / system that would bring in your level of required income, what would you do? and what’s stopping you from doing it now.
Q9. Please detail your current state of debts/loans etc.

Q9.12 Home Bond R

Q9.13 Car Loans R

Q9.14 Credit Card Debts R

Q9.15 Retail Accounts R

Q9.16 Loans R

Q9.17 Overdrafts R

Q9.18 Other Liabilities R



STUFF TO THINK ABOUT – What is Wealth?


So, this far along our journey, what is real wealth to you now? Is it just money? Security or satisfaction. Or could it be a whole lot more.

I have seen people with tons of money and no health. That’s not Wealthy!

I have seen people with tons of money and no friends, or no strong loving relationships. That’s not Wealthy!

I have seen people with tons of money and no happiness, no time freedom. That’s not Wealthy!

I have seen people with tons of money but they are still driven to work like crazy because it’s still not enough. That’s not Wealthy either!

So now tell me. Where do you think wealth comes from? Is it an external thing or is it an internal thing?

If it is really an internal mind-set, then ANYBODY can have it, any time they choose…Can’t they? Can’t you? Now.

What kind of thoughts have you allowed your mind to automatically deliver to you up until now?

And what kind of intentional, self-initiated, thoughts do you think would be more beneficial, and more valuable, than the automated one’s you have allowed to reside within until now?

Real wealth is an attitude of gratitude, in spite of the physical reality.. It’s an attitude of abundance and prosperity consciousness instead of the “Poverty consciousness” focus.

It’s about Being before having. It’s about appreciating what we do have. It’s about great health, great relationships and great Love.

Remember… “The good life starts when you stop wanting a better one!”

Money problems are symptoms of an internal mind-set problems. It’s not the real problem. Money problems are just a visible symptom of invisible beliefs you carry.

Money is not the source of happiness! Happiness comes from inside you. It’s a way of thinking, a way of looking at life and what you have. Happiness is a personal choice that happens in each and every moment.

A wealthy mindset is a way of looking at life with what you have and being grateful, and also being open and attractive to new positive potential. Negative thinkers get negative results.

What results have you created? So ask yourself this question…what kind of beliefs would a person have to have to create my reality? Write them down in your diary. This will reveal your personal belief systems!

If you’re unhappy with what you have … change your internal beliefs NOW! This will shift your perspectives and action. and thereby results.



A Story – The Beggar

The beggar replied, “It looks like a few old pieces of…paper and a small crystal”. Now his curiosity was peaked.

The beggar once again grasped the shabby box lid firmly and finally prized the lid open fully.

As he opened the lid, the box tipped over on it’s side, spilling out it contents, and finally revealing it’s amazing inner beauty and craftwork. The box’s inner walls were lined with beautiful gold and royal purple velvet, interlaced with precious stones.

The inner box lid had elaborate patterns inlaid into the woodwork with gold and silver. it was exquisite! It was amazing! It seemed like nothing on the outside

As the beggar stared in amazement, he uttered “I don’t understand, how the outside could be so dirty, damaged and unattractive and …”




Are you becoming aware of why it is that less than 3%-5% of people are really prosperous and financially successful in this most abundant world.