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Welcome to my “Cause-It-Forward”  Success Ensurance Service

Are you significant? If you died would anyone really miss you?

Don’t just “make a living”… become a Thrill…ionaire.

Design an awesome life AND make an inspiring difference,by taking SWIFT ACTION, with FIERCE FOCUS towards an INSPIRING DESTINY!

Imagine making a real difference in your own life and at the same time making a powerful difference in others’ lives, and at the same time supporting a cause closest to your heart.; That’s significance and meaning at it’s best!

Free wealth Building System

All Success Starts with SELF and a system.

By embracing change and the challenge, we inspire and encourage; the development of ourselves, our families, our businesses, and we empower others to live authentic, creative, passionate, interdependent and significant lives.

My personal Cause & Passion:

My intention and passion is to play a significant role in assisting you to raise your consciousness level, and to empower YOU, to simply create MORE: freedom, love, abundance, happiness, peace, meaning and JOY.   Real prosperity and fearless-living in your life.

This means you need….  Guidance, coaching, support, structures and a SYSTEM, to enable you create significance and purpose in your life.

My Vision, Destiny, Cause & Calling:

Our intention is to create resources, services and structures to enable people to reclaim personal wholeness, happiness, health and wealth – I co-create a world or more.. Freedom, love, Meaning, Abundance, Peace and Joy..

My Destiny: iLEAP

We are in the business of coaching people, to enhance their lives, and those around them, for the better, starting from the inside out.
We plan to achieve this by building a family of; passionate, proactive “pay it forward” InnerMoment Success Ensurance Coaches who Inspire, Learn, Earn, Achieve and Pay-it-forward, to create a better world for all.


The Tipping Point

I’m creating a “tipping point” of passionate, powerful, partners around the world, who’ll take on the challenge of unleashing;their power and passion to create a positive revolution and coach others to iLEAP to a better life, and at the same time supporting the cause closest to their hearts.

We develop and deliver Life-Changing information and coaching services on health, wealth, and happiness, that enables the average person to move steadily and certainly, towards realising their dreams and become Thrill-ionaires, whilst making a positive difference in the world.

We are conscious and care enough to commit to “PAY IT FORWARD”, in order to be part of a wave of greater good, love, care and contribution to the development and growth of the core fabric of our communities and country. We support and enable you to support your greatest CAUSE


Our Advantage – Wealth Building WISDOM…Comes FROM experience.

We research, support and share, viable, validated, proven Wealth-Creating Systems; looking to reduce the usual problems of stock, staff, costs, admin, rent, risk, overheads, etc… Ask anyone who rents out properties… it’s a REAL PAIN!!


What do you need to be MORE SUCCESSFUL?

My research below reveals what most people are looking for and need to be successful. What do you need to be MORE successful?

What would help you to be MORE successful in your life?

  • More skill based information; 10.65%
  • Self Dev Workshops; 11.83%
  • Personal Coaching; 15.38%
  • More Self Dev based information 8.28%
  • CD based Coaching; 8.88%
  • Buddy support system 9.47%
  • Email Daily steps to do;13.61%
  • Accountability Coach; 10.06%
  • long term training involvement/support 11.83%


So Who is Tony Dovale?

I have spent the last 45+ years discovering, developing, growing and testing, the best possible tools, systems and technologies, for successfully achieving…Significance, Happiness, Health, Wealth, Wholeness and Happiness.

As a start, I’m offering you the opportunity of a FREE Wealth Coaching programme (Globally)    Register Here and, in South Africa only, right now, an incredible opportunity to become an InnerMoment Success Coach and Wealth Compass Facilitator. I am also perpetuating my commitment to “PAYING IT BACK”.


Testimonials from Previous Coaching / Workshop Attendees

  • You certainly gave me food for thought and new ideas and ways of doing things. You also showed me how in the box I was and that I had just created a job for myself instead of a true business. I find you so dynamic and an honor to be in your company (hopefully this will rub off on me!!) -;Chrissie
  • Thank you again for last Saturday’s session. The greatest impact was the manifestation of your abundance thinking. Thank you for sharing both tools and yourself. My BFO was that I need to look at the business model as a way of sharing what I have learned with more people than I can reach by just focusing one-on-one relationships alone.
  • I need to access my warrior/queen/magician/lover to do this work!! I have given your card to my husband Max with the suggestion that he contact you for personal coaching – Marisa Wijtenburg
  • I enjoyed your abundance attitude in allowing for networking between people. The Coaching world needs people like yourself. – Jenny
  • Thank you so much, Tony, for the Saturday Workshop. I have truly experienced transformation. My way of thinking and outlook on my business, my job and my family has completely changed. What was there all the time has now surfaced and is increasing moment by moment.
  • Words cannot begin to describe my gratitude for how your workshop has changed my life. The future I have always wanted has become crystal clear.;I look forward to many more life-changing encounters. Thank you so much, Tony – Clyde Atkinson


In 1994 I was involved in launching CANI 98.7FM Community Radio.


My intention was to create a service where we could bring out the best in people. Where we could give people hope, a dream, and a place to share the latest tools, support, information and the beliefs to begin once again to believe and achieve their dreams.

Via CANI RADIO, we did indeed make a difference to our listeners and our community. And so now my next project is to…

…make that difference once again, but just a whole lot bigger this time.

A Sanskrit quote:

Look to this Day
For it is Life, the very Life of Life.
In its brief course lie all the Veritis and
Realities of your existence;
The Bliss of Growth;
The Glory of Action:
The Splendor of Beauty;
For Yesterday is but a Dream,
And Tomorrow is only a Vision:
But Today well lived makes every
Yesterday a Dream of Happiness, and
Every Tomorrow a Vision of Hope.
Look well, therefore, to this Day!

All we have is NOW!


Right now, I am offering You The Following :

1. Free Wealth Coaching Online
3. Free Wealth Coaching “Apprentice Millionaire” Wealth building platform
4. Wealth & Leadership guidance system.

Free workshops only in Gauteng right now. Sponsor me and I’ll go anywhere!
I’m offering to give you the tools, insights and support to enable you to become
a part of our Success Coaching “Pay It Forward” Team.

I offering to share all of my research, studies, insights, tools and secrets with you in a workshop that can……begin to radically enhance your life and the lives of those around you.

I’m looking for people, to join together with us, to learn, to grow and to
coach and support other enthusiastic people to begin once again,
to wake up, believe, and reach for their dreams.

My VISION and intention is to build the BIGGEST “PAY IT FORWARD” team in the WORLD… starting from South Africa.

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Discover if you will be successful or not in 2010!


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-; A scientifically validated predictor of Success …Developed by Dr P Stoltz in his excellent books on Adversity Intelligence

Self-made Millionaires and really Happy and Healthy People are NOT smarter, better or luckier than you. They have just discovered certain secrets, perspectives and habits and used them to become Happy, Healthy & Wealthy.

My Goal is to offer a valuable email based service that addresses the inner and the outer issues of your Personal Wealth Creation:

To provide you with actionable leading edge strategies that you can use to grow your business and your life beyond anything you ever expected or even hoped.

Are you ready to learn about REAL Success, Wealth, Health and Achievement? We will COACH and SUPPORT;you…towards achieving your Dream Lifestyle

Don’t You deserve to…; Be More…? Do More…? Have More…?

You may have secretly given up in the past… But today is a new day! Come on! Come fly with me! Make;the decision today to become a Success Alchemist?

  • Learn the 21 habits of Self Made Millionaires
  • Discover how your consciousness affects your wealth
  • Discover the secrets of;internal Be-Do-Have Strategies
  • Learn to let go of your Fears of SUCCESS
  • Discover your hidden Self-Protection from Success
  • Break through the in-activity barrier
  • … and much more that I have discovered over the last 22 years
    of my research and searching


Join us! Get your Own Success Coach Today

Learn from the people who are ALREADY living their DREAM LIFE STYLE

I will share my Coaching and Wealth building opportunities with you…If you are really committed to your own personal growth,;development and wealth!

…and you are prepared to be part of making a difference in lives of other people as well.

My Mission is to support you, via email coaching, and any other process or technology towards;incredible Self-Growth, self-development;and achievement.

I have researched and tested the best I can find, and distilled the most powerful aspects into a single, simple empowering technology I;now call “Emotionetics”.;

These Self-Development Sources include:

– Gary Craig’s – EFT
– Dr. Assagioli – Psychosynthesis
– Flemming Funch’s -Transformational Processing
– Doc Lindwall’s – Freedom Through Releasing
– Larry Nimm’s – BSFF
– Tony Robbin’s – Personal Power / NLP
– NLP – Bandler & Grinder
– Dr. Tad James’s Time-Line Therapy
– John Bradshaw’s – Home Coming
– Dr M Hall – Meta-States
– Caroline Myss – Energy Medicine


For your Wealth Development – I have researched the best I can find to guide you in discovering The Secret of Creating Your BEST FUTURE…

We scan the globe.. looking for the latest tools and technologies to support you in achieving your dreams. We will share our findings with you!;We will support and guide you to…

  • Go where successful people go…
  • Do what successful people do…
  • Read what successful people read…
  • Say what successful people say…
  • Feel how successful people feel…


…and YOU will have what successful people have…

Have More…

  • Time FREEDOM
  • Money FREEDOM
  • Control of your DESTINY!

And the opportunity to MAKE A DIFFERENCE along the way.
Contact Tony Dovale 083-447-6300 – South Africa