Session 8- Wealth Gladiators Success Ensurance Coaching

“Pay It Forward” Apprentice Millionaire Coaching Circle

Insights, actions, resources and challenges to building Personal Power MINDSET, Prosperity and Wealth in an ever challenging world.

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COACH’S COMMENT – Success Takes 200%

I recently met with a new coaching client who was complaining about how “hard” they worked, and how little they earned for their time and efforts.

Sounds like most of us. ūüôā

She said that if she was paid what she was worth, she should be earning hundreds of thousands of Rands, and not her current meager wage.

Have you got the same feeling?

That MAY be her truth! And herein lies her challenge.

She cannot work any harder in her current position.

I believe she’s giving 100% of her available energy to her j.o.b.. She’s working really hard. The job cannot carry/afford her value potential or value need.¬†Most JOBS are like this!

So why isn’t she successful? (for now…read Prosperous / Wealthy).

You see… the other half of the 200% Success Factor, is her chosen “vehicle” for income generation.¬†She seems to be working hard, but her “vehicle” is letting her down. Her J.O.B.¬†Her Just Over Broke work space.

Her problem is this… She didn’t think too much about selecting a “vehicle” that can get her to her desired level of income or prosperity!¬†Thats why most people retire in poverty!

Her current business/job vehicle has about a 10% SPF (Success Potential Factor).

Unfortunately a janitor, even a well paid janitor, will have an earnings ceiling. A secretary, even a well paid one, will also have a commercial salary ceiling. A CEO, even a well paid CEO, will typically have an income ceiling too.

The CEO’s ceiling may be a whole lot higher than the janitor or the secretary, but they all still have some kind of¬†earnings ceiling.

What’s your job’s SPF/ceiling? Will your current job, business, way of life¬†enable you to reach your dreams?

Get real here… because this is a critical assessment and discovery for yourself and your envisioned future.

If you aim for survival, that’s all you will CREATE!… Survival.
So where are you right now? miles away from survival? Great!

The challenge most of us have is this…we’ve chosen a career, job or work-style without really making thoughtful and intelligent assessments of what we really want (medium to longer term), by when, why, how and with what.

Many people are in a job because their parents “guided” them. Many people are in a certain job because that’s all they could manage at that time. Most people work to make money. Seldom because they LOVE THE WORK!

Many people are in a job that enables them to survive. They just hold on for dear life, fear-struck like a rabbit, frozen in it’s tracks by the thundering headlights of an 18 wheeler.

No potential, No Energy, No vision, No Clarity, No Action! No possibility! Just day by day. same old, same old!

They pray that they make it through the month. They pray and hope that things will get better sometime. They live in dismal hope and participate in poverty under a despairing energy state. Constantly clinging to a “vehicle” with very little, or zero, Success Potential at all.¬†And they then continue to blame “life”!

But the real problem is that they seldom change. They always do what they always do – expecting, hoping, dreaming of a different result.

They seldom ever do something different, something effective, something bold, something innovative, something transformative. They seldom break out of their old restrictive programming, fears and limiting beliefs and comfort zones. They also probably never miss their favorite TV Soapie either!

What would you look like if you broke out of your old restrictive beliefs, fears, programmes, patterns and comfort zones? Please write it down in your diary! Imagine a new you. what would it look like? РSo what stops you?

It’s frightening to see how many people squander money on the lottery each week. All desperately, hoping beyond hope, that they they will be the next “lucky” one.

The only problem is that research shows that 90% of lottery winners are worse off, with less than they started, within 3 years!¬†That’s right worse off AFTER winning the lottery.

So in truth… If you have any savvy…Pray that you DON’T win the lottery! For most, it’s a painful journey and it’s not a strong sustainable Success Potential vehicle.

But then, how should we begin to find a “vehicle” to take us to our dream destiny?¬†What vehicle can we use that will move us step-by-step diligently towards success?

I’ll give you some insight as to what the Billionaire, Robert Kyosaki feels.

The Kyosaki quadrant




Business system Owner


Self Employed









1. Most people(60%+) live in the first quadrant РEmployee. We KNOW what their destiny is based upon the vehicle they have chosen. In my assessment the maximum potential of this vehicle is around 20% to 30% in being able to ensure financial success and independence.

If we then take the formula:
My Activated Potential (MAP)% X Success Vehicle Potential (SVP) %

MAP 50% x SVP 30% = 16.5%! Yikes…

As your coach I would suggest you consider looking for an alternative if you can. This can be a nightmare with devastating long term challenges. But notice how important your MAP factor is in creating success. You may have the right vehicle, but YOU ARE POSSIBLY THE PROBLEM!

2. Next we have the Self Employed quadrant. Around 30% of people fit into this category. The challenge here is one of Time Vs Money.

We work like slaves (To ourselves) in an attempt to set ourselves free (Time freedom). The challenge is that around 80% of small business fail within 5-7 years, taking the poor owners and all of their “nest eggs” down with them. They often lose everything they had, and sometimes even more.¬†It’s a challenging choice and doesn’t always provide a guarantee of success or wealth. It depends upon you and your selected product or services.

3 & 4 – System Owner and Investor. If we are savvy…the third and the fourth quadrants are where we should be aiming. The problem is how do we find the right Vehicles to move into these exciting quadrants?

How do we discover and assess the Success Potential Factor of a vehicle in these quadrants?

That’s your homework!¬†See below for details.

Planning for Success

According to a recent USA TODAY newspaper report…


20 million:1 – by winning the lottery;

12 million:1 – by inheritance;

6 million :1 Рby winning at a slot machine;

4 million :1 Рby winning at a (TV) game show

1.5 million:1 – by saving/investing – $700/month x 30 years (at 8,5% interest ) Yea Right!

1,000 to 1 – your ‘odds’ of becoming a millionaire by owning your own SMALL BUSINESS or “Personal” Franchise.

Recent research revealed that more than 60%-70% of people polled were “hoping” that they could make their millions on some lottery or “fairy of chance”.¬†Fat Chance there!

Do you fit into this mould of living in despair hoping that the “luck fairy” will somehow, one day SOON, single you out from the 6 billion people, and make your day? Yea Right!

You’re more intelligent than that? Aren’t you???
Take back your response-ability. If it is to be – it’s up to….?


Find a Millionaire.. And interview them. Discover how they achieved their success and what they would do if they were to do it all over again?

Share it with me in an email plz.

Exercises #8

So, right now make a list of the positions in companies and business. Next to each one of those positions write down the salary ceiling. See below for a sample list of positions.

Tea Girl/Cleaner, Driver, Receptionist, Secretary, Exec PA, Admin, Book Keeper, Accountant, Salesperson, Sales Manager, Stock Controller, Marketing Manager, General Manager, Director, Managing Director, CEO etc.

Eg a tea girl may have a ceiling of around R2000 and a good secretary a ceiling of around R10,000

Where do you fit into on this scale of potential income?
What stops you from moving ahead of this limitation?

What “position” do you believe would have the potential to give you the opportunity to create the life you deserve.

If you r job has the potential and YOU can activate that potential…that’s awesome!

If your job is just that – a JUST OVER BROKE – You’re just a simple battery in business! Wake up! Maybe make some new choices – move towards the edge of your comfort zone.

A little discomfort now is a whole lot better than discomfort for the rest of your life!

I have seen a female friend move herself from an income ceiling of R7000-R8,000 per month to earning over R80,000-R120,000 per month within a 36-48 month cycle – Starting from a hospital bed!


Most Millionaires specifically choose vehicles that can get them to their goals. They are clear, focused and specific in the efforts and actions and the vehicle they choose.


Do you have the knowledge, education, attitude and energy to ensure that you can remain in the to 10% of people on the planet?

The big questions is …will your J.O.B. or business definitely get you to your goals?

Will your invested efforts in your JOB give you what you really, really, want – today and tomorrow, and the in the years to come?

Most people really don’t know what they want. And so they engage in a job or business that takes them somewhere, and often nowhere, but very seldom to their preferred planned destiny.

If you are going to spend 8 to 10 hours per day or more working to earn a living, make sure that it will deliver the results you desire.

Wake up! Smell the coffee and look outside! Life and business has changed dramatically. Unless you adjust rapidly to the changes you will have a future that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.

What would a millionaire do in your position? What decisions would they consider? What action steps would they take?

Millionaire Challenge – Are you ready to possibly become a COACH? Lets see your potential of becoming that millionaire Coach.

I will offer each person who participates in this adventure a copy of my video on building Personal Resilience / Adversity Intelligence (Value immeasurable.)

To enter the challenge you will need to…

1. Send me an email stating that you are entering the RESULTS challenge to Iaccept@coachfree.com

2. Send me a 1 page letter telling me why you are ready…
a. to take responsibility for your future, wealth & health
b. why you could coach others to achieve success
c How you plan to make a difference and “Pay-it-forward”.

2. Your Opportunity – Refer/influence at least 2 or more new subscribers to this complimentary Wealth Awareness Coaching project as you can within 7 days from the date of you accepting this challenge.

Please refer them to email subscribe to XYZ@coachfree.com
(Put yourname in place of the XYZ before the @coachfree.com

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3. You can then begin to inspire, coach and interact with them via email phone or face-to-face, to ensure they read and apply their session material for at least first 6-8 sessions.

If you are interested in exploring coaching as a career, please let us know.

Decide to explore possibility of personal growth, leadership, and prosperity building. If a single mom in a hospital bed can do it… So can you!

Money Moment Wealth Building Exercise #8

Process.. Imagine I have just given you R/$200,000. What would you do with it? Be specific, list everything you would do with it in your diary once again.

Now, imagine actually spending/investing this money. Imagine all of the feelings, sounds, experiences as vividly as possible.

How would it change your life?

Make notes of any special insights.

Please remember.. never compromise your health and Wellness.

And please send me an email with your list of how you would utilise this money and any insights.


Q8.1 What really holds you in your current position/job?


Q8.2 What would have to happen for you to change this state?


Q8.3 What can you do that will (safely/Minimal risk) accelerate
your move to the next level of possible wealth and success?


Q8.4 What did you learn from your Millionaire Interview?
Top Ten tips for us please.


Q8.5 What can you begin to apply immediately in your life
from this interview?


Q8.6 What is the biggest lesson you learnt from this interview?


Q8.7 What is the biggest insight you believe others could benefit from this interview?


Q8.8 If you were to teach your children, or a special friend, about definitely creating wealth, what are the top 3 things you would get them to do, think and believe?


Q8.9 – So… having interviewed your millionaire or 3… what new decisions can you make right now?


Q8.10 – Extensive research reveals that 95% of ALL ordinary people end up in poverty by the time they hit 60/65. What are you prepared to do NOW to become EXTRA-ordinary to ensure your financial well-being?


Q8.11 What’s the decision you need to take to ensure you have a bright and financially safe future?


Q8.12 What commitment will to make to me right now to action what you’ve learnt so far. What are you committing to do/achieve and by when?





Wealth State – Many people are just like batteries in someone else’s business system. No loyalty, no certainty of employment, no guarantee of success. And once they are tired or too old, they’ll be tossed out and replaced by another newer battery.

Affirmative Action threatens to pull the carpet out from under many people. Yet they still cling onto old pictures of possibility.

Wake up! smell the coffee. The world has and is changing – ever faster. Don’t wait for the Business system owners to decide your battery is no longer of any use or value. If you want loyalty “Get a DOG”. This is still the business world where almost everything is driven by money.

Health State – Now consider your current health state… What is your health like? Are you acting intelligently with respect to keeping healthy (PREVENTION) vs going to a medial specialist (CURE) when you are sick. Click here to begin to learn about the importance of PH levels in your body.

A wise person once said “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – Stay aware and make intelligent choices – You only have this one vehicle for your Soul – keep it in wonderful working order.

Don’t be like the foolish masses who wait for dis-ease to show up before they take intelligent action – by then it TOOOOO late to ensure your health.

A Story – The Beggar…

…He grabbed the box, and tried to pull‚Ķ

 Nothing happened!

He eyed the box with a determined grunt. Grasped even harder. And pulled, and pulled again…with all of his might.

He really gave it his best shot… and…

Slowly, but surely, the box lid began to slighly open partially.

He stopped pulling and peeked inside the dark recesses of the musty box.

“What can you see asked the stranger?” as he gently leant over the beggar’s shoulder to get a peek in too.

The beggar replied “It looks like a few old pieces of…”


When will you complete doing the exercises?
Are you writing regularly in your file?

To the level that you participate in this project, is a revelation as to the level you participate in creating your own life’s results.

Become aware of how you hold yourself back from success.

Why it is that less than 3%-5% of people are
successful in this most abundant world?

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