Session 7- Wealth Gladiators Success Ensurance Coaching

“Pay It Forward” Apprentice Millionaire Coaching Circle

Insights, actions, resources and challenges to building Personal Power MINDSET, Prosperity and Wealth in an ever challenging world.

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Over the past few weeks I have been constantly asking myself the following questions. What are the underlying and outstanding thoughts, ideas, beliefs, values and actions that highly successful people live by? What programmes run in their mind – intentionally?

The first item that I see over and over is Clarity. Clarity of Purpose. Clarity of possible Achievement. Clarity of where they want to go. Clarity in what they plan to be, do or have. Total CLARITY in what they wish to create. VISION, CLARITY, DESTINY, CLARITY, CAUSE, CLARITY, CALLING, CLARITY. Clear?

After Vision or Destiny, Clarity is the primary foundation of the cycle and process of successful action. No clarity of what you are looking to achieve = no anchor point for direction.

No direction, no prioritising, no focus and therefore no real results.

I recently watched the “Perfect Storm” DVD. As part of the movie there are some clips on how the movie was made. I was astounded, and amazed, to see the incredible level of minute specific detail; split second by split second, that the producer lays out before the film is even started.

After watching this, I really came to understand that the producer has SEEN the entire movie in his/her head MANY times BEFORE they begin the production!

The producer seems to have absolute clarity of what they are wanting to layout, create and achieve on a second by second basis. Now that’s clarity! That give you your “compass” for direction.

This is the level of clarity to aim for if we are are to begin to build a powerful and sustainable successful future.

It starts with Clarity of what we wish to BE, DO AND HAVE. How clear are you about what YOU wish to BE, DO and HAVE?

I’m not asking you if you have you got a complete plan on what to do and how to do. I’m asking you if you have a clear, clean set of positive, specific, measurable and achievable goals written down, that you look at on a regular basis or do you drift around aimlessly just making a living?

I have discovered over time that If I write my goals down… there is a part of my mental programming and awareness that is always on the lookout (Called RAS- Reticular Activation System) for ways to achieve my goals. It’s constantly filtering EVERYTHING to find ways to make manifest what I have been, and am currently, focusing on!

You see, your RAS (Reticular activation System) is always active, alert and scanning! It’s always filtering, always looking, always sifting to find ways to complete the pictures/filters you carry in your head.

For example to program your RAS with a new instruction, I want you to count how many “yellow cars” go past you or you go past, in the next week. By setting up this “focus project” your RAS will begin to filter every cars’ colour as it goes past.

Here is how you activate your RAS to unlock your mental power-house inside your brain? Here are some quick steps to get you started;

1- Give your RAS as many specifics as you can about your challenge or target/outcome. The more detail the better. Visualise what you “want” as a final result and a possible journey to get there.

(Remind me to tell you about “Wanting” a little later in the project.)

2- Give your RAS an idea of what a few possible solutions
could look like. Focus entirely on the ideal result/solution you desire.

3- TRUST that your your RAS will lead you to the right resource. If you doubt it, you will lack the courage to move forward into action to resolve the challenge.

4- You must include your personal values in to your challenge solution to get rapid and full adoption by the RAS. You RAS will work faster when the solution you need is aligned with your value system.

Your value system seems to prioritize information and attracts the best information from the resources through your activated RAS filters.

5- Give your RAS a time deadline. This engages the emotions, which makes the RAS think you need the answer soon.

6- Make sure you have of access to lots of resources- books, videos, tapes, internet, associates, workshops, Intuition, meditation etc.

7- You MUST also visualise/show and tell you RAS what your possible solution does NOT look like, so it can apply the principle of contrast. Providing the contrasting perspective enables your brain to sort the information faster.

8- When your RAS finds an answer for you, you must trust your RAS.
Please don’t do something outrageously silly or stu’pid!

9- Once your RAS provides the solution, immediately act on it. Not taking action, causes you to learn not to trust your “intuition”, and it weakens the effectiveness and power of your RAS.


The Real problem…

Too many people are clear on what they DON’T WANT… The problem with this kind of thinking is that they seem to keep on attracting and creating what they DON’T want.

Essentially, it’s all about your energy/emotion and focus. Energy flows where your attention goes. Where does your energy go? What are you focusing on? What you DON’T WANT or what you DO WANT?


The study of ATTRACTOR FIELD THERAPY (AFT) is the foundation of understanding that what you focus on – you will get more of! You are attracting it ALL with your thoughts, beliefs, expectations, attitudes and actions.

So ask yourself this question… What would a person have to believe or expect to create my current experiences. (Write your answers down… Hint: This is an insight to your current MINDSET:  mental programming, beliefs, expectations and awareness.

YOU have created all of your results! Until you take ownership of your state (energy & emotional) and your resources (Financial, material and friends) you will remain a victim of life.

Stop blaming the outside, take charge and responsibility for beginning to change yourself on the inside.

One day when you do a workshop with us… remember to ask me to the the incredibly powerful “Squares Polarity” process with you.

After all it’s your YOU-niverse – Explore it, create it. Live it!





I have a very successful mentor, and great old friend, Frikkie Van Kraayenberg. He has had the pleasure of interacting with almost all of the great people like Norman Vincent Peale, Dale Carnegie, etc. One day whilst we were chatting, he asked me,” So what are you doing nowadays?”

I rattled of a whole list of activities, plans and intentions. He gently smiled as I delightfully listed all of my “activities”. And then he said, “which one of those activities will be your master income builder?

I wasn’t totally sure or clear how to answer that question.

He then gave me the example of a hunter who was out in the bushveld with a shotgun.



Make a list of all of your money “Leaks”.

Where do you waste money?

Where do you waste time?

Where do you waste effort?


If the hunter came across an elephant at a distance and he tried to shoot it with his “widely spraying” shotgun, he would only annoy the animal at best.

But if he had a powerful rifle. With just one single focussed shot, you could then achieve your desired result.

As I sat there and considered what he said, an image came into my mind of a magnifying glass being moved around constantly over my “playing field”.

The sun’s rays (My focus) had never had a chance to stop long enough, to focus and do their powerful work!

Once I became HONEST ENOUGH with myself …I very quickly realised, and accepted, (took ownership) that my life was just like this…many many points of interest and no clear targeted FOCUS.

How is yours? What are you focussing on? What’s your Master Income builder?

Remember … big success comes through a lot of small wins all adding up together in the same direction.

Take baby-steps until you get momentum. but keep the direction unified and focussed.

It’s OK to take small steps – But correct FOCUS is critical to your success.



I recently heard a really profound line .. “The first time you’re a victim. For the rest… you are a willing volunteer!”




Exercises – My effort allocation for Activities 


1. Make a list of all of your daily, weekly and monthly activities. (How you typically spend your time)

2. Next to each activity, categorise it as either a reactive or proactive activity.

3. Score each activity out of 10, on a NECESSITY level.
10=maximum necessity, 0=neutral and -10 = like to / nice to do, or somewhere in between the two extremes.

4. Next to each activity give it a score out of 10 for it’s potential of supporting you in achieving your Financial/lifestyle goals.

5. Do you see any patterns here?

6. What new decisions are you prepared to commit to now?



For things to shift on the outside – you need to change on the inside. There is NO other way. If you’re interested in achieving this shift – let me know via email or a call.




Most millionaires are very clear on their purpose, destiny, vision and goals. They seldom become Millionaires by accident.



What can you do today and tomorrow and the next day etc… that would begin
to move you predictably towards living your dream lifestyle?


Each time before you make a decision or embark on an activity… Ask yourself “Is this going to take me towards my goals?”

(Not just your financial goals, but your emotional, physical, relationship, re creation, spiritual goals etc… )

Just stop and sit down for a moment.

Get a clear vivid, full detail picture in your mind, of what you would create as a perfect lifestyle if you had everything you required.

Where would you live, with whom, how. What would you own? What would you feel, see, smell, hear? What would you be doing?

Go forward in mental time and for 5 to 10 minutes imagine living in your perfect abundant life. Imagine a whole day from wake-up to fall asleep. Write it down. Sow the seeds of possibility. If you can dream it you can create it.

Please remember: In doing this never compromise your health or Wellness. Be intelligent in protecting & ensuring your health.


Money Moment Wealth Building Exercise#7


Process.. Imagine I have just given you R/$100,000. What would you do with it? Be specific, list everything you would do with it in your diary once again.

Now, imagine actually spending this money. Imagine all of the feelings, sounds, thoughts, experiences as vividly as possible.
How would it change your life? Make notes of any special insights.

And please send me an email with your list of how you would utilise this money and any insights you gained.


A large part of success depends upon your CONFIDENCE to DO something. COMPETENCE can be learnt along the way. So… where are you confident?



If you are becoming a true WEALTH WARRIOR, You will be required to take a stand for you, your family, your beliefs, value, ideals and purpose. Are you ready to take this RESPONSIBILITY?

A Warrior’s Song

The sun kisses a mountain top
And glistens on its face of snow
And slowly climbs into the sky above
And lights the valley below.

For each of us that this day awakes
A miracle takes place.
For once again we walk our earth
And own all upon its face.

And the past regrets and foolish fears
Of yesterday’s cloudy mind,
Are washed away by the light of day
And seem so far behind.

For each of us is reborn each day,
Our life renews again.
And with the help of God we will find a cause
That makes us want to win.

For a man without a goal in life
Is a man already dead.
His mind wanders from place to place,
And he walks with feet of lead.

He has no reason to stretch his mind,
No spirit to stir his soul.
His name is not even in the book,
When destiny calls the roll.

Better to take the wine of life
And drink both deep and long–
Greet each day ’cause you’re here to stay,
And sing your warrior’s song.

For the battle of life is joined, and
You might fight long and true.
For in this strife, it’s the game of your life
And the only loser is you.

Gird up your loins with courage
And answer the trumpets call,
And lose or win, you can say at the end,
This was the greatest of all!
–William E Bailey—

Do you have a cause that lives in your heart? Do you have something you will die for? Do you have something to LIVE for?

How about becoming a conscious consumer? A person who purchases goods consciously. Goods from suppliers that support social development and upliftment?

Imagine… if we could create a network of people. Committed to collaborating, supporting, enabling, empowering and the upliftment of our people through information, education, coaching, systems and the application of financial Wealth building principles. – It’s called LIfeShift – 5 mountains to climb… 1 cause to support.. We just need some funding/sponsor to begin to make this dream come true sooner…




QUESTIONS (also write answers into your Prosperity file)


Q7.1. Please list what keeps you awake at night? What do you fear the most? What are your top frustrations?
Q7.2. What are your top 5 clear, “Smart” Goals?
Q7.3. Are they NOW written down clearly & concisely? Yes Sort of No

Q7.4 How often are you reviewing them?

Q7.5. WHY do you want to be wealthy and successful?

Q7.6. Is your “WHY” really a compelling enough factor for you to do what it takes to be successful, or financially independant? What would be a more compelling why for you?


Q7.7. What are your prime distractions that keep you from building your financial security?
Q7.8. What stops you from focusing on a specific project?
Q7.9. If you are currently focused on something, will it definitely deliver to your financial, emotional and other expectations? How?
Q7.10. What 3 new decisions could you take NOW, AND ACT ON, that will create the success you seek in your future?
Q7.11 What 1 decision from your past is holding you back… until now?

Q7.12 If you could let go NOW…of 3 things that would change your life forever… what would they be?


Q7.13 What was stopping you from letting them go until now?


Q7.14 – So… how does it feel right now… to, just for a moment… let all of those past blocks go… now?


Q7.15 I’m sure you’ll agree that there is very little value in consciously and intentionally holding onto your old issues & blockages.. if all they do is prevent you from achieving your dreams? – Unless your choice is to remain a victim!
What new choices can you make right now to set yourself free?



A Story – The Beggar


..”Try? Why try? Are you not committed enough to move beyond try?” the stranger enquired.

The beggar looked down at the box he had been sitting on for the last few years. He had become nicely comfortable. But he knew inside that is was time to get uncomfortable. Because comfort will eventually become discomfort. It’s a natural law of life.

He slowly slid himself sideways off the old weather beaten box. He was apprehensive and uncertain as he grappled with the lid. Just like most of us when we begin to do something new. His trembling hands limply grasped the box lid and gave it a gentle tug.

“No harder!” exclaimed the stranger, “pull harder”. “Aren’t you committed to opening this box?”, he enquired? “It just seems like you are going through the motions with no real passion or commitment.”

The beggar listened to the stranger coaxing and coaching him along. He thought about all of his lost dreams he had given up on.
Then suddenly deep inside of himself something stirred. Something had seemed to awaken inside. The beggar, with renewed energy, took a long deep breath, He grasped the box with all of his might and pulled with all of his might!



Are you really doing the exercises? Are you writing in your file?
To the level that you participate in this project, is a revelation as to the level you participate in creating your own life’s results.

Become aware of how you hold yourself back from success.

Your personal details and information are confidential!
I will never sell or share your personal details.



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