Session 5- Wealth Gladiators Success Ensurance Coaching

“Pay It Forward” Apprentice Millionaire Coaching Circle

Insights, actions, resources and challenges to building Personal Power MINDSET, Prosperity and Wealth in an ever challenging world.

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 COACH’S COMMENT – What inspires or moves You?

What is it that moves you? What Inspires you? What’s important to you in your work & life? What is more important to you? Money, health, friends, family, security, recognition or something else?

VALUES are those things you hold to be important in your life. They are part of your unconscious personal guidance system. The problem for most of us is… We don’t even know what our primary values are.

They are a part of the secret to achieving success.

We travel through life without ever really having a clear idea of what drives or influences us. Note, your values are not cast in stone. If you are like most people, they’ve probably have been handed (Programmed) down via your family and religion for the last few generations. This is not good or bad.. it just IS the way it’s been for you.

My question to you now is? Are your current VALUES valid for where you wish to get in life? Do they support you or hinder you? Do you have values conflicts? What is your primary driving value that enables you to move forward and what value holds you back the most? Unconscious VALUES CONFLICTS causes more people to stay stuck and poor than any other issue in life.

Please note that your answers can never be judged right or wrong. They either support you in your current context or they don’t.


Planning for Success – Your Values


VALUES are those things you hold to be important in your life.

Think about the Values you have. Do you believe in giving a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay?  Do you believe in standing when a lady enters the room? Do you believe in being married before having sex? Do you believe you deserve more? Do you know what your top 5 LIFE VALUES and top 5 BUSINESS VALUES are? What is their ORDER of priority? Please list them for me below in the questions section and write them in your Wealth Journal too.

Values are what’s important to you in any given situation. We do things to satisfy our Value System. Your Values will drive your day-to-day decisions.

If you are not aware of them you can never understand the impact that they have on your decision making process.

I have a very clever process that can clearly assist you to sort and prioritize your Values. You can download it here. (requires Microsoft Excel to be printed/viewed)

One of the biggest challenges I have observed is… that people often have conflicting Values and Goals that they are unaware of.

For example… They may have a #1. Value of “security” and their #2 value is “to be Successful”. Their #1 value will possibly cause them to avoid a lot of the required activities and beliefs required to achieve their desired #2 value, success. This will create internal Value or Goal Conflict, and stop you dead in your tracks every time.


What happens when our Beliefs/Values conflict with each other?

It creates ongoing internal conflict, confusion, stress, uncertainty and tension/ energy leaks in our mental, emotional and physical systems. This conflict can eventually manifest as physical illness, but it is an ongoing part of your unconscious, hidden, mental and emotional issues.

You may have a poor self-esteem, low energy or even poor self-respect due to conflicting Beliefs and Values. The study of PNI… Psycho Neuro Immunology is very interesting in this instance. (Do a search on the Web for Psycho Neuro Immunology for more information). See how your thinking infects your health and wealth.

Our subconscious mind accepts all information and beliefs that we give it as true, regardless of whether they make logical sense or not.

And it then tries to reconcile the beliefs and perceptions against existing stored information and the outside world. This can end up being stressful and extremely unresourceful for us.

Values Priority Exercise

Take a piece of paper, and draw a line down the middle of the page from the top to the bottom.

On the left side, (Write the heading “Actions”) and write down everything you DO on a regular basis.

It doesn’t have to be something you do often, as long as you DO IT regularly (once every few months is still regular).
On the right side (Write the heading “Reasons”), in line with each item on the left, write down, on the right side, WHY you do that thing.

Just write down the first thing that comes to your mind.
(See sample below)

You may have something like this (you should have more items, but this should give you an example)


ACTIONS                                                                  Reasons (Values)

work                                                                         to provide for my family

play with kids                                                       Because I love them

shop for food                                                         we’ve got to eat

haircut                                                                    can’t go to work with long hair

dentist appointment                                         want to keep my teeth

drive under speed limit                                     scared of police

make donations                                                    believe in supporting others


Well done. That’s step #1.


Now look at what you have on the right section. If your reason for doing something relates to, or supports, something on the left hand side, cross that reason out. EG. You go for a haircut because you can’t work with long hair. That ACTION is basically in support of going to work, so cross out the haircut line.
Now look at what’s remaining on the right side, and ask yourself WHY?


 Values Step #2


Why do you want to provide for your family? Why do you love your kids? Why do you want to keep your teeth? Really take some time to think about these things. When you come up with an answer for each item, write it down on a separate piece of paper – Your VALUES Page.

For example, maybe you want to provide for your family because you want them to be happy. Maybe you want to keep your teeth because you want to be healthy.

If you can’t think of a reason “why” for an item, then just copy that item onto the other sheet of paper.

For example, you JUST LOVE your kids, so you copy it across unchanged to the next VALUES page.

You will be very internally focused while doing this process. You will clarify WHY you do things. Possibly you couldn’t come up with a reason why you do some things. Go through your final list, and try to understand or discover what’s in common between the listed items on your VALUES page.

Remember – Don’t accept somebody else’s values as your own, without making totally sure you really believe them, and that they work for you, and will empower you to achieve your goals.
Don’t expect to figure out your values in a short time. Take the time to really do this exercise properly. This process is very important. It will reveal to you, a list of YOUR core Values that drive your invisible decision making process.

Please enter your core values in the QUESTIONS #5 section below and complete the remaining questions and send them back to me ASAP – Please.
The values are to be listed in order from most important to least important It’s tough, because some days the order changes based on how you make yourself feel, and what you are focusing on. But that’s ok. Just get to know what drives you right now.
I feel that society typically tends to teach us that money should be one of our highest priorities, but I found that just didn’t match my beliefs or values or provide a sustainable level of happiness.
I have worked with, and seen, very wealthy people who are unhappy, unhealthy and unfulfilled. Money is NOT the answer. WEALTH IS! Here’s an idea of some of the beliefs we have been taught by society: · Sex before marriage is immoral

· Success is getting ahead at work

· The man must be the provider

· The government will protect us

· Politicians care for us

· Everything we see on TV is true

· Providing for your family means making money

· If you spend a lot of time somewhere, it must be important to you

· Spending money makes you happy

· God will do it for me




What do you think are the top 5 values of really happy people?


Your Values and Beliefs will undoubtedly be different from mine, and that’s all well and fine. I don’t want to tell you what to believe or value. That’s your decision to make.

But I do want to share this with you:
What you BELIEVE and VALUE, must make sense to you and support your Goals and Vision.

Your Beliefs, Values and attitudes will directly and constantly restrict, limit or expand your opportunity for building a happy, healthy and prosperous lifestyle. So please don’t accept old or other people’s values unless you have vetted them and they will support you in being happy, healthy and prosperous.
For example many people use religion as a blockage to building their wealth. Viz…”Money is the root of all evil” – This is not based upon FACT!! Most people’s beliefs are not based upon fact!

You’ve believe it’s said that money is the root of all evil – right? Wrong! Wrong Wrong!!!

It’s 1 of the most misquoted and abused verses in the Bible.
In the Bible Paul was addressing Timothy, as he was preparing him for public ministry.

Read it from the Amplifying Bible, Tim. 6: 10 “For the love of money (and all it buys) placed before the love of God (in reality) is the root of all kinds of evil.”

Did you catch that? Reread it.

A clear distinction must be made between THE LOVE of money and money itself. Let this truth sink deep into your Soul.

God is not anti-money, or anti-wealth, He is anti money-Worship. God’s plan is that we are healthy, wealthy, and wise in this world – as a testimony of His greatness, power, and glory to come.

Wealth is NOT the only measuring stick of our blessing from God.

Wealth is an indication that a godly man has his house in order but not a guarantee of spirituality. The world is full of rich men and women who are lost spiritually.

My point is that the LOVE of money is the critical factor in determining if money is used for good or evil, from God’s perspective.

What about Mother Teresa you ask? She was certainly a blessed woman without any direct personal “wealth”. Her business DID have millions and Lear Jets though!. If only we had a planet full of Mother Teresa’s.

The reality is that she has answered a special call from God to live among the poor, and to minister the love of God.

There are others who are called to minister to the rich, famous, and powerful by demonstrating that money can be used to restore godly principles back into a culture.

The bottom line is that money, like technology, or a pen or a stick, is spiritually neutral. It can be used for good or evil.

God always deals with the heart and the motives of the use of money or the items in discussion. If your motives are positively oriented then the fruit can be very very good.

Let’s stop loving “things” and start loving people, beginning with ourselves :).

That is the measure of true wealth! Your relationships – inner and outer.

So.. so far… have you stuck to our agreement to follow all of my requests (as long as they are legal)? Check … how good is your integrity really



Exercises – Values Hierarchy


Click here to download the values spreadsheet from the Coachfree.com website (You need to be online)

Instructions for use of the spreadsheet:

1. Write your most important values in any order down the left hand side under VALUE.

2. Begin by comparing each value against the next one below on an exclusive basis. You could only have Value 1 or Value 2… You can only select ONE of them. a or b

3. Do this comparison for each level…Eg Value1 is compared to Value2.

Whichever value is selected circle the letter in the comparison box.

So if you choose LOVE over FREEDOM… circle the a in the a or b comparison box. If you choose LOVE over SAFETY…Circle the A in the A or C comparison box. Do this comparison with Value A against all of the other values.

Next “anchor” B (freedom) Compare Freedom or safety select one, and circle the letter in the b or c box. Freedom or Money… select one and circle the letter B or D in the comparison box… etc



a love a or b a or c a or d a or e a or f
b freedom b or c b or d b or e b or f
c safety c or d c or e c or f
d money d or e d or f
e fun e or f
f health


Continue until all values have been compared against all other values. Now count up the number of each value comparison circled. (count all of the circled a’s, b’s, c’s etc… (More = greater priority)

You will now have, in order of priority your top values list. Look at the top 5… surprised? What do you notice?


“Too many of us are not living our dreams becausewe are living our fears.”- Les Brown





Most Millionaires are creative, passionate, determined, disciplined, innovative and persistent. How creative, passionate, disciplined, persistent and innovative are you?



Mind-lines are transparent beliefs and rules that hold us back.

Your Mind-lines will prevent you from seeing the whole picture. They will stop you from breaking out of the box.

Unless you break out – you will continue with your existing life and arrive at you currently projected destination.


Please become very aware of your internal mental chatter, mental distractions and time taken to complete the next exercise.

In a 2 minute period, make a list of all of the possible uses for metal paperclips. List every possible use or function. Please do this NOW before you continue reading. Write your answers down NOW…

Ok… How creative were you? How many possibilities did you come up with? How persistent were you really? How many items
did you come up with that were already in existence and how many were unique innovations? What’s your limitation?

Did you give this your very “best” effort, or did you have some mental chatter to distract you, reduce your focus and give up?

Did you allow your mind to give some explanation why you shouldn’t really try to hard. Who was in charge of your attention, focus and creativity? Your chatterbox mind or another more calm aspect of yourself?

Play this exercise with your family and see how many “mind-Lines” you and they, possibly have. Stretch. Persist and innovate. Set your mind free. Take no prisoners as you focus, clarify and move towards your goals.

For those that persist and shine, I may have an incredible opportunity for you to utilise your energy and power.




Money Moment Wealth Building Exercise #5


Process.. Imagine I have just given you R/$25,000. What would you do with it? Be specific, list everything you would do with it in your diary once again. Now, imagine actually spending this money.

Imagine all of the feelings, sounds, experiences as vividly as possible. Make notes of any special insights.

Now sit back relax, close your eyes and go and spend this imaginary money. Feel the feelings, see the sights and hear the sounds.

Make it as realistic as possible.

What did you observe about yourself?

Please send me an email with details of what you would do with this money.



Success Habits of Achievers – Be Proactive
Proactive people take the initiative to make things happen.

Habit of personal responsibility – recognising that we, alone, are each responsible for our own lives. “behavior is a function of our decisions, not our conditions.” We each have the ability to choose our response to any given situation

These people don’t blame the past, the economy, the weather, their adversaries, etc., for their current situation in life.

They focus on the opportunities or things they can do something about – (ie. their circle of influence) – and they tend to minimise problems and circumstances over which they have no control.

“The more we exercise our freedom to choose our response, the more proactive we become.”




Parting Thought – Most people believe that if they had more money or goods, they would be happy. I’ve got first hand experience that this belief is NOT always TRUE in real life!

I’ve sold Ferrari’s and Rolls Royce’s to mega-millionaires, and many were unhappy, lonely, rude, drunkards, emotionally locked away, and stuck on the “I’m better than the Jones’s” roller coaster or some outward item that they believed would make them feel a bit better or more valuable!

I’ve been there myself – I did it. I bought a Mercedes Benz 380-SEC, a Mercedes 280SL and a Honda Goldwing bike because I felt it would make me more worthy, valued and respected. HA! HA! Haaa!!I still own an Audi, Range Rover, The Merc 280SL, the 380SEC & a Jetta… None of them make me happier than – I personally DECIDE TO BE…

There is an important SECRET to discover – Your Self Esteem controls your level of wealth and income… but more on Self Esteem later.

Know this… Success and feeling good is a personal INSIDE JOB.

Another bit of the Secret for you to keep.




A Story – The Beggar

The Beggar Story…”What’s in that box you are sitting on?”

“What box? Oh! this old box. I don’t know, I’ve never looked inside. It seems stuck. I’ve kinda tried to open it once or twice, but it was just too hard and so I’ve given up long ago.”

“Given up forever?” asked the stranger.

“Yeah, basically… forever. I see no reason to ever try again” drawled the tramp with his squashed cigarette stompie hanging limply out the side of his dry and weathered mouth.

The stranger suddenly got a witty glint in his eye and said… “The secret …
(continues next email)


Q1 List your core LIFE values from your previous exercise here 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Q2 List your core Business values here 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
Q11. Which Values conflict or hold you back from fully living and being a real success? Q12. Which Values are moving in opposite directions?
eg Security and Excitement or No-risk and Wealth
Q13. Have a look at your Values list again. Who was predominant in embedding these Values into your mental programmes? Mom, Dad, Church, School, Grandparents, TV, friends, life?
Q14. How similar or different are they to your parents’ values?
Q15. which Values/Beliefs have you passed on to your children?
Q16. Which Values would you really want to give to your children?
Q17. How have these Values stopped you or supported you in achieving your dreams and goals?

Q18. What do you think would be the best set of Values to adopt for your future health, wealth and happiness?
Q19. What do you believe are the top 5 values of the world’s wealthiest people?
Q20. What do you believe are the top 5 Values of the world’s happiest people?

Q21. Do you feel it’s important for companies to care enough about their staff to by helping them to build wealth & sustainability? Explain your feelings briefly please.


Q22. With the fight for talent and staff retention, what 3 specific things could your company do for you/employees to get you to stay and be committed and engaged to the company?

Q23. What 3 specific things could your company do for you/employees to help them build wealth, over and above their salary.

Q24. What 3 specific things would CAUSE YOU TO LEAVE your current work/company?

Q25. Describe your general level of satisfaction and happiness @ work
Q26. What 3 things could your company to turn your workplace into a



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