Session 3- Wealth Gladiators Success Ensurance Coaching

“Pay It Forward” Apprentice Millionaire Coaching Circle

Insights, actions, resources and challenges to building Personal Power MINDSET, Prosperity and Wealth in an ever challenging world.

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COACH’S COMMENT – Is the Price Right?


Last session we spoke about “is the price right”. Well what do we mean by that? What is “The Price”?

Let’s set the scene. You are x age right now – OK?. That fact that you are participating in this wealth Gladiators coaching process is indicative of your current state, financial position, needs and beliefs.

Based upon your existing life strategies, mindset. goals, actions and results achieved to date… how financially successful/wealthy would you claim to be right now? Very… Reasonably… Somewhat… Fair… Not really.

How much time and effort have you devoted to building a financially secure lifestyle for yourself and your family?

We typically spend 8 to 10 hours…, or more per day, trying to sustain a basic quality of life with a salary and a J.O.B. This won’t sustain you effectively after retirement, and so where does that leave you?

If your salary income stopped today… how long could you continue to maintain your current lifestyle, outgoings etc?
A month? Two months? Six months? A year? Indefinitely?

Take a moment to feel the emotions of no more income. Where do you feel that? And what do you feel? Write your responses in your file.

So here we are… happily bobbing along on the river of life like everyone else. (Like the 90% of people who have a very limited financial future). Soon… some sooner than others, you will reach retirement or retrenchment with limited or minimal resources.

Ok, now imagine I have taken your loved-one hostage.

Imagine that the ONLY way you can get your loved-one/s back is by generating an additional 500,000 into your own bank account. It MUST be your money free and clear. It must be generated within 12 months or your loved-one dies!

No illegality, theft, immorality, no loans, no donations, no schemes. IT MUST BE YOUR MONEY FREE AND CLEAR.

What are you going to do? What are you prepared to do ?

Is the price right now? Will you now create or find a way to generate your 500,000? How does this scenario alter your focus, your intention and your potential for action?

Are you motivated now? Are you more focussed? Do you have a strong enough reason for building the wealth now?

With this challenge YOU could, and would, achieve your financial goals. You could make the necessary changes, take the necessary actions, and achieve the desired results.

So back to normal life, is your current “price” right? Is your current financial destiny acceptable or are you prepared to make the changes required to ensure a better future for yourself and your family? Are you locked into your comfort-zone prison?

What currently drives or motivates you to ensure that you have a secure financial future? Is this sufficient incentive to ENSURE that you will build a suitable prosperity plan and resources?

What needs to shift in your head for the price to become right.. right now?

Ok. Lets get back to balance again. Vividly as you can, imagine right now what it would be like to have total prosperity. Imagine you are totally prosperous. Whatever that means to you. Close your eyes and feel it…smell it…touch it… taste it… live it…OWN IT. Now how does that feel?

What are you prepared to do now to maintain this feeling? NO…NO… NO…! Robbing banks is not part of the deal!

Financial education and mini price check – Begin to get financially Savvy in all aspects of your life.

Call 0860-10-53-42 and get yourself a quote, just a quote for a life insurance policy. Ask them to explain the difference between “term” and “whole life”

Then shop around and compare it to what you may or may not already have, or be able to get from other companies.

What did you discover? What is the difference between the 2 terms and what does that mean to you?

Please email me with your findings and thoughts….

Planning for Success – Success Clues


Success leaves clues. Success is simple to achieve. If you are prepared to focus on building a clear, focused, step-by-step intelligent strategy.

80% of financially successful people started off with nothing. And most of them have been broke, or almost broke, 3 times or more.

Wealthy people apply the law of “Cause and Effect. Financial success is due the the application of this law. The application of this law is an important part of your success.

If you do what other successful people do …you can typically create what other successful people have created. If you don’t…it’s unlikely you will.



Observe some successful people around you for the next week. What common attitudes do you notice about them?

What can you learn and adopt from them?


Many people use the belief that they are not clever enough or good enough to be successful as their excuse. So they never ever get to applying the law of Cause and Effect.

Become aware of how successful people think, believe and act. Become aware of how Wealthy people apply the law of Cause and Effect. Become aware of how important attitude is in your life. Become aware of some new things you can do to alter your mental state relating to wealth.

The question is… Is the glass half empty or half full? Am I a victim of circumstances or am I a creator of circumstances and results?

Are you a detective of success? Will you apply the secrets you learn about success to your life? When will you commit to making this start? Write your response in your diary with some kind of commitment agreement with yourself.

And list 3 things you can begin to DO today. Three thing to STOP today and three things to CONTINUE.

What Causes are you in charge of that can, or could, create Effects (wealth) for you?

No action… guarantees… no success. Too many people spend too much time thinking. Thinking is not a strong CAUSE.

ACTION is required to create the CAUSE.

Self Development Exercises

From your last sessions exercises… What did you notice about your attitude and internal voice with regards to other people’s financial status?

Are you genuinely happy for them? Or are you resentful, jealous or begrudgingly indifferent about their success.

I noticed that I was very judgmental with some of the people that I observed. I voiced all kinds of undeserving reasons and accusations for their wealth. What I didn’t realise was that I was poisoning my own wealth well and beliefs about money and success.

For this session I suggest that you use the following Releasing process to begin to neutralise your negativity and judgment.
Say… “I release my xyz (Negative judgment) and replace it with abc (Positive contribution)”

Each time you catch yourself being negative about someone else’s success. Say out loud : “I release my belief, perception and judgment that xyz doesn’t deserve to have their success and I replace it with ABC.” (acceptance, understanding, compassion, and a openness to learn and grow).

Continue with this for the next few days or weeks until you no longer have negative attitudes to other people’s wealth or financial success.


Millionaire Moment

Many people believe things seem to be getting worse in our outside reality/World. This is because we have been trying to change the outer-world situations without changing the inner consciousness of the people who are creating the situations.

That is like trying to change the image in the mirror without changing the object that is causing the reflection in the mirror. This is a futile effort.




What value do you add to the world?

Become aware of your relationship to money, wealth, abundance.

Complete the sentence 50 times in your wealth Gladiator diary

“Money is…”



For instance, we could take all of the money in the world and divide it evenly amongst all of the people.

The problem with that is, without a shift of consciousness in five years all of the rich people would be rich again, and all of the poor people would be poor again!

That would happen because the people who are motivated by a consciousness of wealth, prosperity and abundance would find innovative and creative ways to add-value to other peoples’ lives, and “attract” the money away from all of the people who are trapped in poverty consciousness, “Gotta-have-it-now” mindset and feelings of low self-esteem and unworthiness.

Your money state is a reflection of your inner belief structures. Who gave you those beliefs? Are they really still valid?

Do you have a good reason to keep them or are you prepared and ready to let them go?



Money Process


Process.. Imagine I have just given you R/$5,000. What would you do with it? List everything you would do with it in your WG diary. And please send me a separate email with your list of how you would utilise this money.



Write in your diary and discuss with your coaching buddies… If my current form of income stopped tomorrow – how would I ensure my future?



A Story – The Beggar


Once upon a time there was a beggar who had been sitting by the side of the road for over 30 years.

One day a stranger strolled by and glanced down into the bleary red eyes of the beggar.

“Spare me some change?” Mumbled the beggar, habitually holding his out his tattered old cap and dirty hand.

The stranger paused, looked down towards him, and said…”I have… (continues next email)

QUESTIONS (Basic.. get to know you better)


Q1. How old are you physically?

Q3.Are you single, married, divorced, Separated, Living with…

Q4. Do you have children? How many?

Q5. Their names & ages please? EG NAME,AGE

Q6. Where do you live?

Q7 Why?

Q8. How long have you been at your present address & Why?

Q9. What type of work do you do and Why? For money? For pleasure? For fun? Forced? NO OTHER CHOICES?

Q10. Do you feel that your current work/$/R situation will fulfill your long term-goals? No Yes

Q11. What are the 3 biggest mistakes you have ever made?

Q12. And WHY did you make those mistakes?

Q13. What are the 3 best decisions you’ve ever made?

Q14.And WHY?

Q15. Once you start something – do you finish it?  – Yes No Seldom

Q16. If not, why not? What’s your usual excuse you give yourself?

Q17. Why are you not yet Financially Independent? A complete description please.

Q18. What are your 3 most important goals?

Q19. What can you begin to do right now to achieve these goals?

Q20. What WISDOM did you, or could you, gain from the mistakes you made in Q11?


Thanks for your confidential feedback.





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We will be giving you projects and opportunities to discover, and understand, why it is that less than 3% of people are successful and wealthy in this most abundant world.