Session 2- Wealth Gladiators Success Ensurance Coaching

“Pay It Forward” Apprentice Millionaire Coaching Circle

Insights, actions, resources and challenges to building Personal Power MINDSET, Prosperity and Wealth in an ever challenging world.

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The plan is to give you information and exercises over the next few Success Activator Coaching sessions that will stimulate your thinking, your insights, your decisions, understandings and SWIFT ACTIONS…- and thereby enhance your ability to more clearly understand the principles and process of wealth, prosperity and true success development.

I’m looking to get you to the point where you will truly understand why some people are happy, peaceful, wealthy and prosperous; why they are able to attract such incredible opportunities and encounters; and why others just don’t seem able to get anywhere higher than survival mode…. are usually STUCK.

We will be covering a wide range of work and information that I have researched over the last 36+ years from Millionaire Moments and decisions, to universal laws of life, beliefs, values, consciousness, abundance perspectives, setting Intentions and SWIFT, focused, positive action.

Will I make you wealthy and prosperous? I really don’t think so! That’s up to you! I can only guide you towards a possible future.

I can give you the tools, the insights and everything required to enable you to set yourself free to climb to much higher heights, BUT YOU ARE THE ONE who will need to make the decisions, set the intentions, do the actions and keep your commitments to apply everything we will be learning and experiencing.

Along the way I plan to S T R E T C H your beliefs about what is possible for YOU.

I plan to get you to move OUT of your Comfort Zone. And I plan to get you to see new horizons, and to see life and yourself through new eyes.

Thanks for your trust and time. I really look forward to coaching you to setting you free to move more passionately upwards and onwards towards your dreams.

Prepare for Action. If you haven’t done so already, please purchase, or make yourself, a folder, binder or diary to document your journey. Make it something really nice that you will be proud of. (Spoil yourself)



According to the extensive research over the last 70 years or more, 95% of people at the age of approximately 20-25 years, believe that they will be healthy and wealthy by the ripe old age of 60 to 65.

Statistics gathered over this period however shows a completely DIFFERENT picture! The stark reality is a long stretch from our original dreams. Most people’s and Your hopes and dreams, typically turn into nightmares!



If you close your eyes and look forward to imagine yourself at age 60… What vision do you have of yourself?

Get specific in the details of Wealth, Health & Happiness. How certain are you of achieving this vision?

Are you prepared to pay the price to achieve your dreams?




In fact just 3% to 5% of those original dreamers have actually achieved their dreams! The rest… Well they’re still wondering what ever happened to their dreams, whilst they continue to complain about how unfair life is, and are forced to eat dog food.

In my earlier days, I was an exotic car salesman… nothing to do with Exotic Dancing! 😉 I did however deal with the upper levels of wealth in South Africa. I was always fascinated by the wide range of people who came along to oggle, and sometimes to buy, our flashy cars.

It quickly became my daily endeavor to discover that secret ingredients that created the difference between some poor soul who could just dream about the cars, and that special person who could walk in and pay cash for a Million Rand vehicle. (In those days it was a mere R73,000 for a 308GTSi Ferrari!

My intention for this course is to begin to share with you my findings and my research into all areas of wealth creation. More specifically areas of hidden beliefs, values, expectations and consciousness… The real cause of why you may not be wealthy today.

Many people are hanging their hopes on the LOTTO. Research also shows that people who do eventually win the LOTTO, end up wasting everything and reverting to their previous level of lifestyle within 2 to 3 years!

This is because they have not upgraded their WarmWare: internal beliefs, values, attitudes and consciousness to their new prosperity and wealth levels.

That’s frightening…don’t you agree?… So, Pray that you DON’T win the lottery!

Remember …Wealth is first made in the mind… and only then created in reality.

Consider this…Your relationship with your finances and your money can reveal a lot about your inner landscape.

For example: If you/’re …

…think others are out to cheat you, your inner landscape contains beliefs and fears of being abused or manipulated.

…you’re stingy, you’re possibly afraid of love/intimacy.

…worry about running out of money, you carry beliefs/fears of being left alone or of abandoning yourself.
…never have enough money, it’s possibly because you carry beliefs that you are not enough.
… regularly say/think, “I’m broke,” you may carry limiting beliefs about being broken or wounded inside.

…are never able to purchase things you desire, you may be carrying feelings and beliefs around feeling deprived, usually of love.

…money is out of control, then so is the possibility of your feelings being out of control

…need to be rescued financially, you may carry beliefs and feelings around feeling needy, alone and unloved.

…often borrow money, you may mistakenly believe you deserve more than you are generating (emotionally).

…look at your bank statement balance, you feel ashamed, you’re probably ashamed of yourself on some levels.

Your real issues are probably around your beliefs of deservability and your capacity to generate wealth and value for the world.

If your money regularly “slips” through your fingers and you never keep enough for yourself, you don’t believe you deserve to be prosperous. – Time for a change of beliefs!

Notice – LifeShift – Phase 1 – The Phoenix Adventure

Learn to shift Have-Do-Be to Be – Do – Have




1. Make a list of all of your outgoings/expenses each month for the last 3-6 months.


“You are where you are… because of the DECISIONS YOU have made in the past.”

2. On the right hand side of each one, categorise each outgoing as either
Expense (E) or
Investment (I).

(Note an investment here is something that is GENERATING income for you.)

3. On the right hand side of each expense, categorise each outgoing as either

  • Expense Critical (EC),
  • Expense Important (EI),
  • Expense Necessary to live (EN)
  • Expense Frivolous (EF).

4. What do you notice about your financial outgoings?

5. What proportion is being invested. (Note your home is not an investment, nor is your car. The only time they are investments is when you derive INCOME from them.)

6. Please write down your response to this question… “If you continue with your current strategy of income and expenses.. where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?”

7. How do you feel about this destiny? Again write your response in your coaching diary.

8. For the next few days I would like you to become aware of your association with money. Whenever you see someone who seems wealthy… notice what your internal voice says about them.
Write your insights down in your diary.

Where have your beliefs about money come from ?



Something that I have discovered about wealth is that wealthy people socialise, collaborate, interact and share opportunities with other wealthy people. As the saying goes…”Birds of a feather flock together”.



All wealth is firstly made in your mind…BEFORE it is made in your bank account or wallet.


What does your “flock” look like? For your financial position to change some things must change in your head, your heart and your actions, as well as your circle if contacts.

A decision is necessary. An irrevocable decision to move to the next level. It takes Courage, Awareness, Intention, Focus and Action. It requires that you move beyond your comfort zone. It requires a STRETCH beyond your safety zone!

Most people wont.. stretch. And every time I ask them to make the change they claim that they cannot. I often hear people say…”but that is not me. I just can’t do that or this!”

The truth is they, and you, can make the changes… If the price is right.

Next session we’ll give you a process to see if the “right price” can get you moving towards success and prosperity.




What is your Passion? Most Millionaires love what they’re doing. What do you like to do? What are you good at? What service or product could you provide that would be your passion or part of your purpose?

What opportunities can you “see” to generate income, whilst doing what you love? Make an extensive list in your Coaching Diary. Programme your RAS (Reticular Activation system) to see opportunity.


Money Process

Process.. Like just now… Imagine I have just given you R/$2500. What would you do with it? List everything you would do with it in your diary.


Most people SAY they will do what it takes to design and build their perfect life, but seldom do they really DO what it takes.

Where do you fit into this picture? Are you prepared to walk your talk?

Are you a person of massive action? Or are you hoping it will just somehow happen to you that one day you’ll wake up and be wealthy?

What one action, that you can commit to and act on now, will alter you Destiny? So what s stopping you from doing it NOW? Get to it please.



Your first challenge starts right now.

Q1. Are you committed enough to stay the distance? NO/ Yes

Q2. How committed are you REALLY to your personal success (score out of 10)


Q3. Will you take the time to answer my read & discuss questions and do the processes I have designed for you? NO Yes

Q4. Are you DETERMINED, PERSISTENT and OPEN enough to make it happen for yourself? NO Yes

Q5. Will you really do what it takes? (Nothing illegal or immoral)
NO Yes

MOST people just are not willing enough, or focused enough, or committed enough, to make it happen for themselves. This is the prime reason why only 3% to 5% of people are

Q6 ARE YOU ready to do what it takes to be part of the 3% Millionaire coaching club? NO Yes

Q7. Are you happy with where you are in your life right now?
NO Yes

Q8. What are you prepared to do to alter this situation?

Q9. Money Process.. Imagine I have just given you R/$2500. What would you do with it? List everything you would do with it here.

Q10. What is my biggest fear relating to money?

q11.What 3 things can I do to resolve these fears forever?

Q12. With respect to my Money situation- What 3 things do I need to stop ASAP?

Q13. Where have your beliefs about money come from (really dig)?

Q14. Do you have written goals for all areas of your life? Yes No

Q15. How often do you look at them?

q16.What has REALLY prevented you from achieving these goals before?





P.S – Please don’t pass this info on to any of your other friends or associates YET. You CAN pass it on to your direct family or even better get them to join directly.

We will be giving you projects and opportunities to discover, and understand, why it is that less than 3%-10% of people are super successful in this most abundant world.

Your details are always confidential!
I will never sell or share your details with any one.