Session 12- Wealth Gladiators Success Ensurance Coaching

“Pay It Forward” Apprentice Millionaire Coaching Circle

Insights, actions, resources and challenges to building Personal Power MINDSET, Prosperity and Wealth in an ever challenging world.

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COACH’S COMMENT – Enjoy the Feeling


Most of us know what to do…but we don’t do what we know. That’s why coaching works so well. It gets you into action. It holds you accountable to deliver on agreed results. Coaching keeps you focused and moving forward.

Remember you can’t hire someone to do your pushups… You need to do them yourself. It’s the same with your life.

Nothing happens until you take action. Massive action tends to deliver massive results. Where are you going? Do you know where you are going to.

What would it feel like? – a secret behind the secret…

I would ask you to Imagine for a moment what your life would be like if you had no worries about money. Take a few deep breaths, relax, close your eyes and really allow yourself to feel what it would be like to be free of money issues in your life. How does that feel? Where does it feel?

Ok, I would ask you to do this again. Read the sentence above once more and really get yourself to feel what it would feel like to have no financial pressures. Really get into the feeling. Own it. you must internally BEcome before you can externally create.

What would being free of money issues really mean to you in your life? physically, mentally, emotionally, materially and Spiritually.

BECOME AWARE! Get off robotic and automatic… take back your conscious thinking power! Take back your power of choice, decision and SWIFT action.

How would you wake up each morning – knowing you’re free of issues with bills, taxes, income and providing for your family?

A little hard to experience right now. Maybe because it’s hard for you to believe? Maybe you feel you don’t deserve it! Many people who struggle financially have a strong belief that things won’t or can’t get better, and end up living their lives in “quiet desperation”. Please make sure that this is NOT you.

You deserve better and you have the power within you to live abundantly – today. BUT YOU MUST ACT!

So Who Is Driving Your Bus?

I’m sure that you will begin to soon realise that there is no mysterious magical fairy, waiting in the wings, ready to deliver your every wish and dream into your lap on demand. If you are going to be wealthy, YOU need to move to the front of your Life “bus”. You must take charge and full responsibility for your results.

You need to actively, and proactively, decide where you are going, the route you plan to take to get there, why you want to go there, and what you expect you will gain by being on the journey. and then get going with some serious action.

I discovered the secret a long time ago… it’s not what I get, or what I’ve got, or where I am, or was, going. It’s all about who I BECAME along the way. Who are you becoming? Are you driving your own bus? Are you following an intelligent plan? Are you creating opportunities for you to receive abundance, or are you blaming and bleating?

If you have not taken responsibility and action to follow an intelligent, researched and viable plan… why not? There can only be 2 reasons if you are not following an intelligent plan.

1. You don’t know HOW TOo …enough!
2. You don’t WANT TO …enough!


Either way you are the one who must make the decision and then act on that decision. Don’t rely on others. Begin to learn, study, research and take responsibility for yourself or face the consequences. (Alpo dog food diet!)

By all means listen to others… but beware they can, and will, loose your money easier and faster for you.

Are you part of the 8% team are you driving your bus, or are you part of the 92% team, sitting back and expecting others to make it happen for you?

Only you can choose which team you will be on. (See session 1 wealth stats)

The reason you are going through this workshop is to join the 8% team! Isn’t that correct? so come on!. Lets have some action here.

Pain is a relatively objective, physical phenomenon; suffering is our psychological resistance to what happens. Events may create physical pain, but they do not in themselves create suffering. Resistance creates suffering. Stress happens when your mind resists what is…The only problem in your life is your mind’s resistance to life as it unfolds.” – Dan Millman,

Beliefs, Blocks and Bondage

Success is not hard to achieve. Success leaves simple clues for you to follow. Many people have achieved great success and prosperity starting from all kinds of underprivileged and challenging backgrounds. what’s stopping you

After working with many clients, this is the complaint that I hear most often. “It can’t be that easy to achieve success”.

If you believe “It can’t be that easy” -“If it was, I would have already created what I want in my life”, then that belief is the reason why you haven’t created what you really want in life.

Do you want to know the truth? Your beliefs will create, and control, your reality and results.

The problem isn’t in the formula for success- because it’s based on universal laws – just like gravity – and like gravity, the formula works all the time.

If you haven’t been creating what you want, the ONLY problem is you’ve got a subconscious block or belief that’s “stuck” under the surface of your awareness, and you need to become aware and RELEASE IT.

Most people have bought into the prevailing “social hypnosis” that you have to work hard and “suffer” through life in order to get what you want. Remember your limiting beliefs will create a limited reality, limited opportunity, limited action and limited results.

What is it that you really want? More pieces of paper (money), more clothes, bigger house, faster car or plastic surgery? At the end of the day we don’t want more money. We want what we believe money can give us- feel better, feel safe and peaceful, feel worthy, grateful, trusted, valued, respected and loved.

Money does not truly deliver any of these things. We are the ones with the power to create these things… but only from the inside.

Remember…It’s not about the money. It’s about what we beleive money will bring. (Money is the MEANS to an END goal). It’s really all about how you feel (the END goal) .
Your limitation and restriction on your income is based upon unrealistic, unfiltered and untrue mental bondage.

If you love someone – go tell them. See how it feels to be able to give.. give love, give space, give for-giveness! Give yourself a gift..

Get yourself back, get yourself aware, get yourself a positive, powerful , supportive, passionate “master-mind” team together. And get active today. Full contact life awaits you.




Planning for Success – Success is about…


As this is the last session of Wealth Warriors Phase 1, I would like to cover some additional areas of possible interest and importance. Please remember that you are where you are because of the choices, values, decisions and action you have taken.



Where could you be more successful in your life right now if you decided, committed and acted 100%?


Success is not about getting an opportunity by luck. Success is an ongoing mental perspective and attitude that can, and will, attract the right people, and the right opportunities.

I have yet to come across a whining, blaming, “victim minded” successful person. Almost every successful person I have encountered has a strong sense of self-Worth. They take the position of total responsibility for where they are, what they do, and what they have achieved. They are energetic, upbeat, positive and always open-minded.

Success is a mindset of looking for, and constantly seeing and activating opportunity, everywhere and in every aspect of your life. The opportunity may be to :-

… do a simple good deed for someone.
… take in some new information or knowledge.
… improve on your physical health.
… do some mental housekeeping.
… resolve some personal conflict
… build a stronger relationship
… make good on a bad deal
… create a new relationship
… look for the positive/lesson in a bad situation
… appreciate/enjoy what you have, where you are right now.
… forgive yourself or another person for past issues.
… research new trends and happenings
… learn a new skill
… stretch your comfort zone
… expand your personal boundaries
… say NO!
… do something different for a change
… raise your personal standards
… read a good book
… eat better, drink less, exercise more
… write some new, clear, specific goals
… do something you’ve been putting off
… stop some bad habits, thoughts, beliefs or actions
… start exploring ways of creating and adding “Value”
… do some “random acts of kindness”
… network with other successful people

To me, I’m successful if I’m above the ground and breathing! Everything else is pansela! (Bonus).

So start playing the “Where is the opportunity game?”. Where ever you go, keep asking yourself and those around you… “Where is the opportunity?” Or “where could the opportunity be here?”

In a short time you will begin to see the world through new eyes. Through entrepreneurial eyes.

Your real challenge to to clarify EXACTLY, specifically and clearly what you want from this life. This will be your greatest challenge.


QUESTIONS – About The Wealth Gladiators Formula Won Success Ensurance


Thanks for making the commitment and taking the time to make a difference in YOUR life.

With your feedback to the questions below and all the other previous questions, I will be able to review and adjust this content to enable others to achieve even more. (Your personal details will remain confidential)

At the end of the day… As your coach I can only walk along side you and encourage you. You are the one who must pick up the ball and Run…

I trust you will keep that commitment to yourself. Because you are worthy of great things, and you deserve much more than you have allowed into your life up until now. Keep Fly from today!

With love and admiration

Your Wealth coach. Tony D


Exercises – What do You want?


Over and over I discover that the real issues is that we are not completely clear on what we want. So by now you should have expanded you mindset as to what you can have or could achieve

1. First vizualise and then make an exhaustive list of everything you could be, do, or have. Get VERY clear on what you DO WANT to show up in your life, and will accept, in your life. Make this list more than 100 items as a first phase.

As you begin to visualize EVERYTHING you want, write your goals down. As you write, start each goal with “I am…” or “I’m becoming…, I’m getting…, I’m receiving…, I have….” – all in a present tense.

Also ask yourself, or get a partner to ask you, recursively (Repeatedly …over and over and over) questions like:

What/Who do I want to be?

What do I want to do?

What do I want to have?

Where do I want to go?

Where do I want to live?

How many homes do I want to have?

What contributions will I to make?

What do I want to learn? From whom? Where?

Who do I want to spend my time with?

How much do I want to earn, save and invest?

What’s my idea net worth?

What will I do for fun and optimum health?

What type of people do you want around you?


2. Make a list of everything you have decided to STOP in your life.
Beneath each, devise a plan of how, why and by when you will achieve each goal.

3. Make a list of everything you have decided to START in your life. Beneath each, devise a plan of how, why and by when you will achieve each goal.

4. Make a list of everything you have decided to CONTINUE in your life. Beneath each, devise a plan of how, why and by when you will improve and enhance each goal.

5. Make a list of everything that used to be in your way of achieving your dreams. Go and burn it!

6. Now make an extensive list of how you can, and will, overcome your challenges and obstacles in spite of anything. (Use your master-mind team to assist you)

7. Write a 7 day – daily focus and action plan and DO IT!
Keep extending to the next 7 days, and then the next 7 days.

Measure and monitor your progress against your WRITTEN goals from above.

Celebrate EVERY win or achievement, no matter how big or small.

Every castle starts off by being built one brick (Step) at a time. Begin building yours today.

Please keep me up to date with you your castles are coming along.


All successful achievement is precede by a spark of possibility; nurtured by the fuel of desire and belief, and manifested by the power of clear focused SWIFT action.




Find a EX-millionaire and take them to lunch/Tea. Very tactfully try to discover what mistakes, choices and decisions they made to cause them to be where they are today.


Consider this…What does DSTV really cost you per month? Usually around R650 you think.

That not the whole truth!

Consider putting the R660 into your bond. A R300,000 bond would save you a whopping R277,000 of your payments and reduce the time from 20 years to 14 years! And 1 other little trick will save another R80,000 and bring it down to 12 years! – Total potential savings R356,000



Find a new millionaire and ask them what they believe to be the cause of their success, and find ways of how you can incorporate the insights into your life.

Close your eyes and MENTALLY BECOME the Millionaire. Take on the posture, attitude, energies and actions. Take on EVERYTHING that is good about Millionaires.

Then go out into life and begin to live to your vision with passion and confidence… in spite of the challenges you attract!

Don’t let anything, or anybody get in your way of living a prosperous, full, peaceful and happy life.

Ps DON’T go around making big purchases, spending lots of cash you don’t have. We don’t waste money like that.

Be prudent, be smart, be proactive. Be persistent, Be wise! Be active!

And remember … It’s not over until you quit! so never QUIT!

Money Moment Wealth Building Exercise #12 – Finale’


Process.. Vividly Imagine I have just given you R/$20,000,000. What would you do with it? Be specific, list everything you would do with it in your diary once again. Now, fully imagine actually spending/investing this money.

Imagine all of the feelings, sounds, experiences as vividly as possible. Make notes of any special insights. How would it really change your life?

So what are you prepared to do today to achieve this kind of prosperity. Begin this today. The only limit is in your mind. Make sure you are the one in control of it!


Now What – Will you commit to and act upon?


Well as the saying goes…If it is to be… it’s all up to me!
Every person that has ever been outstanding in any field has had challenges like all of us. Except they didn’t give up.

Will you stay the journey. Will you persevere against all of the challenges life brings to your door of opportunity?

Will you stand up and call out loud and far into the night…Not why me, but ….”TRY ME! Come on… Life…. TRY….. ME!”

Will you commit to designing and building a life of joy, pleasure, fun, challenge, wealth and happiness?





21 secrets of Self Made Millionaires


Here is the list of 21 secrets of Self Made Millionaires compiled by Brain Tracey. In our phase 2 Wealth Coaching 202, we’ll be investigating and applying these principles more fully to our lives.


(1) Dream big dreams

(2) Develop a Clear Sense of Direction

(3) See Yourself as Self-employed

(4) Do what you love to do

(5) Commit to Excellence

(6) Develop a Work(Play)aholic Mentality

(7) Dedicate Yourself to Lifelong Learning

(8) Pay Yourself First

(9) Learn Every Detail of Your Business

(10) Dedicate Yourself to Serving Others

(11) Be Impeccable Honest With Yourself and Others

(12) Set Priorities and Concentrate Single-mindedly

(13) Develop a Reputation for Speed and Dependability

(14) Be Prepared to Climb From Peak to Peak

(15) Practice Self-discipline in All Things

(16) Unlock Your Inborn Creativity

(17) Get Around the Right People

(18) Take Excellent Care of Your Physical Health)

(19) Be Decisive and Action Oriented

(20) Never Consider the Possibility of Failure

(21) Back Everything You Do With Persistence and Determination





SWIFT Action Steps creating leverage towards your destiny.

  • Your first form of leverage is to acquire a mentor/Coach. Your mentor has tackled this mountain before you.
  • They can fast track your growth and results, and short-cut your journey to success by YEARS!!!
  • Your second form of leverage is to acquire a team. Together, you all achieve more, faster, easier.
  • Your third form of leverage is a network. Each team member knows at least 100 valuable contacts. A team of 6, therefore, knows 600 people.
  • Your fourth form of leverage is the Infinite Network. There is a spiritual connection that links it all up. This is the realm of coincidence, serendipity, chance, a twist of fate.
  • Your fifth form of leverage is the use of tools and skills. Successful people use the tools of wealth – computers, the Internet, e-mail – for fast communications, fast calculations, fast decisions.

Your sixth form of leverage is systems. Every millionaire has systematized, streamlined, and organized the processes of wealth.

When the combined force of mentors, teams, networks, Infinite Networks, tools, and systems is applied to a strong, long lever, miracles can happen in minutes.


Excerpt from “The One Minute Millionaire” Life Purpose – Dr. Jay Early, PhD


I define life purpose as a contribution to the world that uses your whole self fully and gives your life passion, fulfillment, and meaning through dedication to something larger than yourself.

It might be work for social transformation; it might be service to people who are in need; it might be living from an attitude of love, or unleashing your creativity, or developing your highest spiritual potential.”




The Beggar Story

…”How does the saying go?”, The stranger asked…

“If you don’t go within…you go without!”, he replied without expecting the answer from the beggar.

The beggar could not begin to thank him enough, but the stranger replied…. “I gave you nothing…It’s been there all along.”

“What can I do for you?” implored the beggar.

“You can pay-it-forward…The next time you meet somebody – help them to discover their wealth and beauty, on the inside.

Thats what you can do for me replied the stranger as he turned with a great big smile, and began moving on his way again.

– “remember…We are all beggars on God’s beach of Gold” – go and claim your abundance today – with love.






I trust you have completed all the exercises, returned all of the questionnaires and kept your commitments.

If not please get yourself back into integrity by completing outstanding issues as originally agreed.

I thank you for your time and participation. May you create a life of abundance, peace and love. And may you have the compassion and wisdom to share this with all you can.

If you would like to explore a closer participation in my next project – give me a call or email me sometime.

Remember …WE ARE THE ONE. Namaste’

Summary feedback


Summary Questions

1. What did you enjoy the most?

2. What did you enjoy the least?
3. What is the best thing you have learnt?
4. What would you like more of?
5. What changes have you made because of this material?
6. How have you changed?
7. What have you implemented?
8. Was it worth your while?

9. How will you r life be different from now on?

10. What promises/commitments have you made?

11. What changes/feedback could you offer?

12 If you could quantify this, what has/will this process been worth to you – financially?

13. Would you be interested in the next level of Wealth coaching?

14. Are you interested in the next level of Wealth Coaching? Yes No Maybe

15. Are you interested in new HEALTH Coaching?
Yes No Maybe

16. Are you interested in real Personal Transformation?