Session 11- Wealth Gladiators Success Ensurance Coaching

“Pay It Forward” Apprentice Millionaire Coaching Circle

Insights, actions, resources and challenges to building Personal Power MINDSET, Prosperity and Wealth in an ever challenging world.

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COACH’S COMMENT – Attractor Field Theory


Your thoughts have impact. Thoughts are measurable. Thoughts create things! Thoughts attract “like thoughts” and things. Belief creates reality. Nothing of value is created without a clear and focussed first-thought of what you can or could create. You are a thought-making and thought- perpetuating machine.

What are your thoughts focussing on? Are you focusing on what you want… or what you DON’T want? Most people focus on the wrong target; what they don’t want. And so due to their focus and energy invested into this area, they get it… They get what they DON’T want! Is this what you do, or have done? It’s time to change.

“Good” Focus

I would ask you to imagine for a moment what your life would be like if you had no worries about money.

Take a few deep breaths, relax, close your eyes and really allow yourself to feel what it would be like to be free of money issues in your life. Imagine you are a multi-millionaire… How does that feel? Where does it feel? What does if feel like? Write your feelings in your diary.

Ok. I would ask you to do this again. Read the sentence above once more and really get yourself to feel what it would feel like to have no financial pressures. Your mission is to live this feeling for the whole day.

What would being free of money issues really mean to you in your life? How would you wake up each morning – knowing you’re free of money issues? What would you do differently? How would you walk, talk and live differently?

Can you achieve this state? What do you really believe deep inside? What can you do right now to begin to create a life of prosperity, health, and happiness? Please write your answers in your Diary.

Many people who struggle financially believe that things won’t get better in their life, and end up living their lives in “quiet desperation”; inactive, stuck, like a rabbit frozen in the headlights of an oncoming 18 wheeler truck!

Don’t you You deserve better? You have the power within you to live abundantly – today. What can you do right now to change your focus and get greater clarity on what you really want? What decision and actions will begin to move you towards your dreams?

Begin these new actions NOW!
Do not be too timid and squeamish about your actions.
All of life really is an experiment – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Attractor Field Theory (AFT)

We now that our bodies are energy transforming systems and we also now know that we have an energy system radiating around our bodies, just like a magnet. We also know that thoughts are real things (Like mini-magnets).

Essentially AFT works like this. The more you focus (think) on what you don’t want, or fear, the more you create or put out negative “mini-magnet” thoughts. These mini-magnet thoughts collect or stick together in clumps, in and around your body’s energy system.

Once you have enough mini-magnets clumped together on a specific thought (Lack, fear etc…, they will “attract” the event or core message encoded in the mini-magnets into your life space. You will attract into your life what you focus most of your energy and awareness on. Often you will attract and create that which you DON’T want..

So if you have been focusing on “LACK”, You will attract events, encounters and personal behaviors that will manifest and create your “LACK” experience. Thus validating your deep internal beliefs about “LACK”! Remember…what you focus on you get more of! Remember belief creates reality.

Positive AFT

What’s really exciting is that Attractor Field Therapy also works the opposite way. If you put out positive, abundant, successful thoughts, you can begin to change what you attract and experience in your life. Begin today to get clear on what you plan to have and achieve in your life.

Simple formula for creating what you want in life:

1. Decide briefly what you don’t want in your life (problems, debt, lack of money, etc). Make a list then burn them; symbolically letting them go.

2. Then Get total clarity on what you REALLY DO WANT to BE, DO and HAVE most in your life. Write this all down in detail as though YOU ALREADY HAVE IT now.

3. Clear whatever beliefs, fears, issues, angers, hurts, losses, etc blocks the flow of abundance in your life using Emotionetics.com or any other effective process of letting go and changing beliefs and attitudes (Eg The Phoenix Adventure workshop)

4. Visualize and begin to Manifest it – in other words, make it real through believing, thinking, planning, attracting, and most of all, clear focused action.

5. And then enjoy how good it feels to begin to create what you deserve in life, step by step.


Beware of Your Beliefs!

This complaint is the one I hear most… “It can’t be that easy”

If you say, think or you believe “It can’t be that easy” -“If it was, I would have already created what I want in my life”, then that belief is the reason why you haven’t created what you really want in life – Yet!

If you haven’t been creating what you want, the primary problem is you’ve got subconscious blocks or beliefs that are “stuck” just under the surface of your awareness. You need to become aware of them and RELEASE them.

We know the problem isn’t the above formula – because it’s based on universal laws – just like gravity – and like gravity, it works all the time. wishing never changes it…EVER!

Many of us have bought into the “social hypnosis and programming” (Beliefs) that you have to work hard and “suffer” through life in order to get what you want.

If you remember: your belief will create your reality, your action and results.

Most people are not aware that their beliefs about money, career, and related issues aren’t even their own! It can take years of struggle to let go, and get rid of, patterns that were passed down to us by family, friends, experiences, cultures and society etc, that has caused the financial struggles and heartache with money and prosperity that we have experienced.

What is it that you really want? More pieces of paper (money), more clothes, bigger house, faster car, plastic surgery?

At the end of the day we want to feel better, peaceful, worthy, grateful, trusted, valued, respected, loved and safe.

Money does not truly deliver any of these things. We are the ones with the power to create these feelings (States)… but only from the inside.

It’s really not about the money. It’s about how you feel… at the end of the day. Maybe you could create that fun, safe, happy, calm , content, loving and safe feeling WITHOUT the money, from the inside, right now.

So, If you love someone – go tell them. See how it feels to be able to give. Give love, give space, give for-giveness! Give yourself a gift. Give yourself permission to go and be awesome, healthy and prosperous.

Get yourself back, get yourself aware, get yourself a positive, powerful, supportive, passionate “master-mind” team together. And get active today. Full contact life awaits you.

At worst, you’ll be able to say “I’ve really lived!”




Planning for Success – Who is Responsible?


I met a friend the other night who told me about her journey from almost poverty to a very nice lifestyle in less than 2 years. She did it on her own. She took full responsibility.



Imagine you have just lost your job, and you are finding it difficult to get a new job.

What is your plan B and plan C to begin generating income on a medium to longer term level?


An unfortunate car accident put my friend, a single mom, into hospital with a broken back and numerous other injuries.

No man, no money, no medical aid, no income and two children to look after were here immediate challenges. She had to generate some kind of income urgently to survive.

What would you do in this case to begin generating money?

My friend started a referral-based business from her hospital bed, with her broken back and all the other challenges.

She had to call in a few favors to get herself going initially, but once she was out of hospital and fully recovered, and active, she very quickly moved into overdrive and began to grow her business to the point that within 2 years she had developed a RESIDUAL INCOME in excess of R50,000 per month!

She has subsequently gone on the generate a whole lot more than this initial figure each month and she now enjoys a lifestyle way beyond what most of us enjoy. In 24 months she has achieved what 90% of most businessmen don’t ever achieve!

If she as a single mom, starting off from a hospital bed can do it… So can you! So back to the beginning. Who is responsible for your Success and happiness? Have you taken full responsibility?

What’s got to happen to you for you to achieve similar results of this single mom? Why not begin to create something right now, without having to experience a broken back and near poverty before you wake up? Take responsibility today!







SWIFT Action Plan – 7 Tips on How To Create Your Best Year Ever


  • Take time daily to breathe, relax, and meditate/ visualise .
  • Connect with what brings you joy in life (and write them down)
  • Get together with people of like mind and Heart and create your own Dream Team/Mastermind groups
  • Avoid “goal-setting” in the future as your total focus, and get into being in the moment and loving
  • what you do right now.
  • Look beyond your own individual needs and find your purpose in life
  • Share your unique purpose and gifts with others that will SUPPORT you.  Avoid Dream Stealers
  • Practice gratefulness consciousness (aka Abundance consciousness)






“Until you’re ready to look foolish, you’ll never have the possibility of being great.” – Cher – (Awesome insight)






I’m including some material from Napoleon Hill. It shows that core principles never change. There is very little that is new. We just need to diligently apply what we already have. That’s why coaching works so well. It gets you to ACTION… not just thought.

The 17 Principles of Personal Achievement – Napoleon Hill

1. Definiteness of Purpose – The starting point of all achievement, knowing what you want.

2. Master Mind Principle – The coordination of effort between two or more people in a spirit of perfect harmony in order to attain a specific objective.

3. Applied Faith – A state of mind through which your aims, desires, plans and purposes are translated into physical or financial equivalents.

4. Pleasing Personality – A pleasing personality helps you master the major cause of failure-the inability to get along with people harmoniously.

5. Going the Extra Mile – Rendering more and better service than you are paid to render, doing it all the time and doing it with a pleasing, positive attitude.

6. Personal Initiative – The inner power that starts all action; the power that inspires the completion of all that one begins.

7. Self-Discipline – The ability to control our thoughts and emotions, self-discipline is the only thing in life over which you have complete, unchallenged, and unchallengeable control.

8. Controlled Attention – The highest form of self-discipline, the act of coordinating all your mind’s faculties and directing their combined power to a given end.

9. Enthusiasm – A contagious state of mind that not only helps you gain the cooperation of others but, more importantly, inspires you to draw upon and use the power of your imagination.

10. Imagination – Your mind’s exercise, challenge and adventure. It uses old ideas and established facts to reassemble them into new combinations and to put them to new uses.

11. Learning from Adversity and Defeat – Hardship and adversity are a common language of nature in which she speaks to all living creatures and teaches them many things they would not normally learn in any other way.

12. Budgeting Time and Money – Successful people know themselves, not as they think they are, but as their habits have made them: the use of time and money are the most vital of these habits.




What one skill, if you developed, and did to an excellent level, would have the greatest positive impact on your life?

And in your
financial life?

What are you waiting for?


13. Positive Mental Attitude – To govern your life, you must be able to govern your mind, and that is the starting point of all riches.

14. Accurate Thinking – The accurate thinker recognizes all the facts of life, both good and bad, and assumes the responsibility of separating and organizing the two, choosing those which serve his/her needs and rejecting others.

15. Sound Physical Health – The key that coordinates all other principles and sets all ideas into motion, sound health provides the “flavor” to the good things in life.

16. Cooperation – Harmony based on definitive motive, cooperation is the medium through which great personal power may be attained; the willing cooperation and coordination of effort to achieve a specific objective.

17. Cosmic Habitforce – The cosmic habitforce is the universe’s law of equilibrium, the one natural law into which all other natural laws resolve themselves.


“When you learn to weave unpleasant circumstances into something useful, you’re on the road to success.”- Napoleon Hill



Abundance Alphabet (Adapted from Deepak Cheopra)


Action, Abundance. Affluent, Accept the possibility of abundance. Become abundant in your outlook, attitude and beliefs and expectations. Deliver the action required.


Being, Becoming, Believing and Better and better clarity, focus and intent… Believe in possibility


Choice, Change, Clarity Care-free-ness and charity – Wealth consciousness is a state of mind.


Decisions, Demand and Supply. – Make sure that what you offer is in demand.


Empowering – yourself and others. .


Forgiveness, Failure – Let go of unnecessary energy leaks and drains and look for the seed of opportunity in each loss or failure. Every failure carries with it the seed of success.


Gratitude, Go for it – Take the GAP, Generosity, Goal – Get of your …Ass…ets and go for it


Happiness and Helping humanity – Happiness is a choice… in spite of circumstance, and being of service will bring you your greatest personal value.


Intention, Intuition. – Clear, single-minded well-defined irrevocable decision. Listen to your hunches.


Judgement is not necessary or valid, let it go!


Knowledge and know how are important in building new realities and possibilities


Love and luxurious thoughts, beliefs and lifestyle. Life without LOVE is not life at all.


Money, Momentum, Motivation… Making money for others as well as yourself. Get yourself going and keep yourself motivated.


No to Negativity –


Opposites and duality is part of life – Embrace it all as a foundation of learning and growing life. Opportunity and open and honest communication.


Purpose and potential activation – My purpose in life is to….?


Question. Question question the assumed status quo, and all the stuff taken for granted. Break the bonds of past social programming ,beliefs and limitations. Ask positive questions that bring positive answers.


Releasing and Receiving – Graciously receive and reciprocate, Release all unsupportive “static”, baggage and distractions


Spending, Service and Self-Image. Money must flow! Blockages stop the flow. Money is life energy that we exchange and use as a result of the service we provide to the universe.


Transcendence, Talent, Tithing, The Time is now!. – transcend the day-to-day life… live the dream instead of validating the nightmare. Apply your talents to creating what you desire and remember all you gave is this moment right now.


Unity behind all life. There is only ONE! We are the ONE


Value, Values – You are Valuable and your values need to empower you to move towards prosperity and abundance


Wealth consciousness without worries. Know that once you have the recipe for creating prosperity you can always do it again and again– almost anywhere.


Xpressing honest appreciation and thanks to all who support and help us.


Youthful vigour. Young minded attitudes


Zest for life. Appreciate life in all it’s duality, vitality, and challenges. It’s here to get you to GROW.




“Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.”- Warren Buffett





Q1. What 3 things can you begin right now to move yourself
towards a more prosperous future?

Q2. what are your 3 biggest challenges/problems right now?

Q3. What can you do to solve these challenges?

Q4. What are 3 things that you need to stop doing/thinking
or feeling?


Q5. What do you not have time for?

Q6. What service/product would be of value to you?

Q7. What is your biggest challenge/block that prevents you from
achieving your dreams/goals?

Q8. What would it be worth to you (Financially) over the next 5
years if you were able to completely solve this problem?

Q9. How would your life change if we were able to work together
to create a solution to this problem?


Q10. What wise advise would you give to another person if they
had your biggest challenge /problem?



Money Moment Wealth Building Exercise #11


Process.. Imagine I have just given you R/$5,000,000. What would you do with it? Be specific, list everything you would do with it in your diary once again. Now, imagine actually spending this money. Imagine all of the feelings, sounds, experiences as vividly as possible. Make notes of any special insights. How would it really change your life?





I define Life Purpose as a contribution to the world that uses your whole self, fully and gives your life passion, fulfillment, and meaning through dedication to something larger than yourself.

It might be work for social transformation; it might be service to people who are in need; it might be living from an attitude of love, or unleashing your creativity, or developing your highest spiritual potential.” – Dr. Jay Early, PhD


The Beggar Story


Suddenly the beggars eyes widened as they glanced onto the spilled contents of the old box. Lying there was… a vast array of beautiful jewels, gold coins and precious pearls.

The beggar stammered…”I can’t believe it! I just can’t believe that all this beauty and wealth has been inside for all this time.

If you had never asked me to look, I would never have found it ….ever! I just would never have looked INSIDE because I already thought and assumed I knew what was in there…!

The stranger gave a wry smile and gently answered…

“Well at least YOU looked inside this time.

There are people in the world who never look inside…
and so they seldom find their true wealth.

How does the saying go? he asked…

If it is to be…it’s up to ME!




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