Session 10- Wealth Gladiators Success Ensurance Coaching

“Pay It Forward” Apprentice Millionaire Coaching Circle

Insights, actions, resources and challenges to building Personal Power MINDSET, Prosperity and Wealth in an ever challenging world.

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COACH’S COMMENT – What is Abundance?

In the last session on the right hand side of the page we gave you The Millionaire-Mind 3 step plan. Have you begun to use the 3 steps yet? 90% won’t do a thing with it! 3% to 10% will do something. Where are you choosing to be?
Are you a talk..er or a Do..er!

What does abundance mean for you? What are your rules for assessing abundance or prosperity? How do you measure your abundance, prosperity or wealth? Does your measure only measure money? Or does your measurement include health, friends, relationships, opportunity, resources, support, caring, love, energy, resilience, passion, persistence and action?

Many times when I ask people if they are successful… they usually answer NO!

It works out that they have numerous RULES and “hurdles”, that they create (consciously and unconsciously), to overcome, before they will call themselves Successful and allow themselves to experience the pleasure that goes with the belief of being successful.

Here is my success rule. “If I’m above the ground and breathing… then I’m SUCCESSFUL!” That’s it. Everything else is a bonus! I’ve intentionally created a state of feeling successful 99% of the time.

Each day I have the pleasure of looking into my eyes in the mirror and experiencing the thrill and excitement of being above the ground… and breathing! Totally Successful! Everything else is a bonus, for which I am truly grateful and appreciative. What are your current rules for being successful? Write them in your file and ask yourself… Are these realistic, or can I create more empowering rules.

Out of 6.5 Billion people on the planet, I live an abundant and prosperous life. I am, and you are probably as well, in the top 5% to 10% of humans on this planet, in terms of health, food, opportunity, clothing, shelter, friends, security, safety and the rest of our life’s’ little pleasures.

Lets put it another way, 90% to 95% of the 6,5 billion people on this planet have less than you. That’s around 5,8 Billion to to 6 Billion people who are worse off than you! So stop blaming your past, your parents, your boss, your luck or anything else. Just Stop BLAMING. Stop it today!

Wake up and smell the roses. Get out of your “Poor me” mode. Step up to the spotlight, make a decision and go for it. Give life your very best shot. And never ever, ever, give up until your very last breath. If you don’t have the ENERGY and the FOCUS to make a break from your past programming, beliefs and negative experiences, you will be destined to being a “poor victim”. Take a chance, try one more time, get up again. Give it your very best shot in spite of that the fools around you have to say. See Adversity Intelligence

As Mel Gibson said in the movie Braveheart: “All men die… FEW REALLY LIVE! Time to make the decision and take action.

Remember : A “big shot” is a little shot who kept on shooting!

Planning for Success – Pipe-Lines are Life-Lines

Do you have a Life-line? A Financial life-line that is? Or are you still a “Bucket-Carrier”. Why have you not built a Pipe-Line system? Is it because of lack of information, lack of motivation, lack of what?


In what ways can I begin to become a Pipe-line builder today?



“Don’t worry”… most people say!

I agree. Don’t worry – just take massive focussed action or else!

I’m telling you that we aught to be saying DO be cognisant and aware because MOST people (>90%) don’t do anything effective about their financial situation until it’s ALMOST, or definitely too late. But that’s not you… is it?

So what’s your position? Are you well off, totally financially independent. Or are you getting ready for the Alpo dog food diet in your later years?

Most normal people, somehow, are educated to the exact same process of life. The only problem is it’s based upon ye-olde-worlde standards, when life expectancy was around 50 to 60 years. That’s ALL CHANGED with BIOtech and NANOtech.

With medical technology, the internet, and greater personal awareness, choice and responsibility, we are now living to 85+ years as the norm. Will you have the money to afford to be alive after you are 60?

I have just read a report back from DAVOS where they are predicting that nano-technology and medical science will enable us to live to 150 or more by 2050. That is mind-blowing for me. I only projected to be around a 100 years. How long will you be around for?

Will You Have Life After Retirement?

Yikes! What am I going to do between retirement (Approx 50years -60 years) and my last days (Approx 80 or 90 years+)? How am I going to fund it, and with WHAT reserves or resources?

Are you, prepared financially, to fund yourself for 20 to 30 years AFTER retirement?

That’s 20 to 30 Years of no/minimal income, increased medical, living and other expenses! If you just extrapolate your currently living expenses from today to 20 years hence at a basic 10% inflation rate. In 10 years your living expenses almost treble! (at least 260% higher). In 20 years its almost 700% higher.

So 10,000 living expenses today = 26,000 in 10 years and 70,000 in twenty years. (Hopefully!) Real inflation in things like property, cars, etc in South Africa has been around 15%-20% per annum.

If you don’t begin to build financial “Pipelines” today… you are going to have some serious challenges and no life-lines tomorrow!

A job is not a Life-line… it’s a stinking, sinking tub! It’s the “old way” of earning a living in these ever-changing times.

For most a job is a guaranteed destiny of JUST OVER BROKE. Maybe!

“So what can I do?”… did I hear you think?

Begin to explore and research possible “Pipelines”… Residual income possibilities. Stocks and Shares, Property, Franchises, Referral networks, Publishing, etc…Explore and research.

Don’t commit yourself to anything until you have done extensive homework.

Most of these systems require a good deal of skill, resources, risk, control etc… all except one or two. See if, after your research, you can tell me which are the best possible choices in today’s times. Which vehicle can you begin to utilise to build yourself a life-sustaining pipe-line.

Now go and do some research… Don’t just sit there! Otherwise this whole process has been a waste of time.

ACTION…ACTION…ACTION.. Give us some real, massive, focussed SWIFT ACTION!

That’s your exercise from me for today 😉

Ps when you’ve done some – get back to me and I’ll reveal to you the best kept secret regarding your health, wellness and prosperity.



Remember …Nobody has ever really accomplished anything important, grand, or OUTRAGEOUS by coloring inside
the social lines.

What internal mental/emotional rules are
keeping you from GREATNESS?

Time to slay/tame your DRAGONS.



Exercises – Discover the vehicle

1. What is the lowest cost, part-time, business you can start that has the potential to deliver a medium to long-term income stream with the least risk?

2. Take your current lifestyle budgets (Monthly expenses and outgoings) and treble them. Double your income. What’s this effect going to do to your lifestyle? Can you survive or can you continue to live to your existing quality of life level?

3. Make a list of your biggest fears regarding your financial position now and in the future. What will you do to resolve this?

4. What 3 things can you BEGIN RIGHT NOW that will alter your financial destiny and resolve your fears forever?
5. Would health



The ongoing creation of value, valued by other people/companies, is the only,
and everlasting, source of profits
– Dennis Waitley



Do you practice the 40+ concept? The 40 hours per week you typically spend on the job or work is for survival.

Anything… Studying, effort or work over that time of 40 hours, should be designed to build greater success and freedom for yourself!

So what are you doing in the 40+ time you have? Are your activities moving you towards your dreams? Do you even have an active dream? Or are you frittering away your life – moment by moment behind the TV, BAR or J.O.B.?


Money Moment Wealth Building Exercise #10



Imagine that you have unlimited resources; time, money, health, etc.. what would your life be like? Write a detailed description down

Try this concept lifestyle on for a day or two. Don’t spend the money, just go about your day in an “act as if” frame of mind.


Are you open and committed to life-long learning? What kind of information are you putting into your mental computer each day?

Are you committed to Excellence in your life… or have you let yourself go?

How good is your INTEGRITY? Is it 10 out of 10? Or have you also let it slip just a little too?

Do you LOVE what you do? What could you do that you love AND make money?

Could you, or do you, see yourself as “Self-employed”? Would you employ yourself with your attitude, knowledge skills and abilities?

Honestly… do you really add value? Or could you do a little or a whole lot more?

Begin to make sure you add value today? Our wealth is often a direct measure of how much value we have added to the world and people around us.

Make a new decision today! Learn something new, add some value to somebody’s life, stretch and expand you vision of what is possible for you. Start something NOW! go right now!



Money Moment Wealth Building Exercise #10

Process.. Imagine I have just given you R/$1,000,000.

What would you do with it? Be specific, list everything you would do with it in your diary once again.

Now, imagine actually spending this money. Imagine all of the feelings, sounds, experiences as vividly as possible. Make notes of any special insights.

How would it change your life?

Make notes of any special insights.

And please send me an email with your list of how you would utilise this money and any insights.




There Are 9 Prime Reasons Why We Don’t Ask For What We Want:


Self-Limiting Identity

Dis-Belief and Inaccurate Beliefs

Fear (Typically of rejection or loss)



Lack of Clarity

Low Self-Esteem


The real issues is: You don’t believe you truly deserve it or believe you can achieve it! so what 3 things can you do to resolve these issues? Begin NOW.





Seven Habits® Profile compliments Covey Leadership Center

Self-Scoring Seven Habits Profile

Take this self-assessment and determine your existing strengths and weaknesses. This may help you determine the personal goals to establish for yourself this year.

Rate yourself honestly for how you show up for each question on a scale between 1 to 6

Category 1

1. I show kindness and consideration toward others
Very Poor(1) Poor(2) Fair(3) Good(4) Very Good(5) Outstanding(6)

2. I keep promises and honor commitments.
Very Poor(1) Poor(2) Fair(3) Good(4) Very Good(5) Outstanding(6)

3. I do not speak negatively of others when they are not present.
Very Poor(1) Poor(2) Fair(3) Good(4) Very Good(5) Outstanding(6)
Category 2

1. I am able to maintain an appropriate balance among the various aspects of my life – work, family, friends, & so forth.
Very Poor(1) Poor(2) Fair(3) Good(4) Very Good(5) Outstanding(6)
2. When working on a task, I also keep in mind the concerns and needs of those I am working for.
Very Poor(1) Poor(2) Fair(3) Good(4) Very Good(5) Outstanding(6)
3. I work hard at the things I do, but not in a manner that causes burnout.
Very Poor(1) Poor(2) Fair(3) Good(4) Very Good(5) Outstanding(6)

Category 3

1. I am in control of my life.
Very Poor(1) Poor(2) Fair(3) Good(4) Very Good(5) Outstanding(6)

2. I focus my efforts on the things I can do something about rather than on the things beyond my control.
Very Poor(1) Poor(2) Fair(3) Good(4) Very Good(5) Outstanding(6)

3. I take responsibility for my moods and actions rather than blame others and circumstances.
Very Poor(1) Poor(2) Fair(3) Good(4) Very Good(5) Outstanding(6)

Category 4

1. I know what I want to accomplish in life.
Very Poor(1) Poor(2) Fair(3) Good(4) Very Good(5) Outstanding(6)

2. I organize and prepare in a way that reduces having to work in a crisis mode.
Very Poor(1) Poor(2) Fair(3) Good(4) Very Good(5) Outstanding(6)3. I begin each week with a clear plan of what I desire to accomplish.
Very Poor(1) Poor(2) Fair(3) Good(4) Very Good(5) Outstanding(6)

Category 5

1. I am disciplined in carrying out plans (avoiding procrastination, time wasters, and so forth).
Very Poor(1) Poor(2) Fair(3) Good(4) Very Good(5) Outstanding(6)

2. I do not allow the truly important activities of my life to get lost in the busy activity of my days.
Very Poor(1) Poor(2) Fair(3) Good(4) Very Good(5) Outstanding(6)

3. The things I do every day are meaningful and contribute to my overall goals in life.
Very Poor(1) Poor(2) Fair(3) Good(4) Very Good(5) Outstanding(6)

Category 6

1. I care about the success of others as well as my own.
Very Poor(1) Poor(2) Fair(3) Good(4) Very Good(5) Outstanding(6)
2. I cooperate with others.
Very Poor(1) Poor(2) Fair(3) Good(4) Very Good(5) Outstanding(6)

3. When solving conflicts, I strive to find solutions that benefit all.
Very Poor(1) Poor(2) Fair(3) Good(4) Very Good(5) Outstanding(6)

Category 7

1. I am sensitive to the feelings of others.
Very Poor(1) Poor(2) Fair(3) Good(4) Very Good(5) Outstanding(6)

2. I seek to understand the viewpoints of others.
Very Poor(1) Poor(2) Fair(3) Good(4) Very Good(5) Outstanding(6)

3. When listening, I try to see things from the other person’s point of view, not just my own.
Very Poor(1) Poor(2) Fair(3) Good(4) Very Good(5) Outstanding(6)
Category 8

1. I value and seek out the insights of others
Very Poor(1) Poor(2) Fair(3) Good(4) Very Good(5) Outstanding(6)

2. I am creative in searching for new and better ideas and solutions.
Very Poor(1) Poor(2) Fair(3) Good(4) Very Good(5) Outstanding(6)

3. I encourage others to express their opinions.
Very Poor(1) Poor(2) Fair(3) Good(4) Very Good(5) Outstanding(6)

Category 9

1. I care for my physical health and well-being.
Very Poor(1) Poor(2) Fair(3) Good(4) Very Good(5) Outstanding(6)

2. I strive to build and improve relationships with others.
Very Poor(1) Poor(2) Fair(3) Good(4) Very Good(5) Outstanding(6)
3. I take time to find meaning and enjoyment in life.
Very Poor(1) Poor(2) Fair(3) Good(4) Very Good(5) Outstanding(6)Scoring Results

Total your points for each category.

The 9e categories represent the foundational principles of the Seven Habits & the Seven Habits themselves.

Category 1. Emotional Bank Account
Category 2. Life Balance
Category 3. Be Proactive
Category 4. Begin with the End in Mind
Category 5. Put First Things First
Category 6. Think Win-Win
Category 7. Seek First to Understand
Category 8. Synergize
Category 9. Sharpen the Saw

After you have computed your category totals, score them using the following scale.

The higher your score, the more closely you are aligned with the Seven Habits principles. Where your score is lower than you would like, refer to the Seven Habits Mastery Series audio program to better understand how to increase your effectiveness or talk to us about Life Masters workshops.


Very Poor (0 – 3) Poor (3 – 6) Fair (6 – 9) Good (9 – 12) Very Good (12 – 15) Outstanding (15 – 18)

Q28. So this far along our coaching – What are the most valuable insights you have had thus far?


Q29. Please explain to me how you COMMIT to applying these insights to your life for at least 90 days.


Q30. What other information would be valuable to you in building your ideal and financially sustainable lifestyle?

Please give me as much feedback as possible to enable me to explore possibility.





A Story – The Beggar


I don’t understand, how the outside be so dirty, damaged and unattractive and …the inside can be so … so astonishingly beautiful, said the beggar, as he squatted there silently astounded.

I cannot believe I have been sitting on this old chest, completely unaware if it’s internal beauty. I must have been foolish to never look inside and discover this amazing magnificence.

“If it hadn’t been for your insistence, I would have sat on this box until my dying days”, whispered the beggar to the smiling stranger.

Suddenly the beggars eyes widened as they glanced onto the spilled contents of the old box. Lying there was…





What’s inside of you, that you have not yet valued?
Are you using your outside to evaluate /devalue your inside invisible aspects? Who are you really?