Session 1- Wealth Warriors Success Ensurance Coaching

“Pay It Forward” Apprentice Millionaire Coaching Circle

Insights, actions, resources and challenges to building a Power MINDSET, Prosperity and Wealth in an ever challenging world.

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Your Responsibilities

During this Success Activation and MINDSET coaching process, I plan to get you to do exercises, and RIGHT Mindset building processes, to discover and uncover, things about yourself that you may, or may not, know that are holding you back from creating greater success, happiness and abundance.

We’ll be asking you to write things down. Please write them down. I need you to actually SEE the responses that you have written. This embeds and makes the info a REALITY. Often people just try to “think” about the answers. This is not sufficient to create the impact that I need to get you to move. To take SWIFT Action…To ACTUALLY DO. So for you own maximum benefit, please follow the processes as described each time.

After all this is for you.. is it not?

“Money is seldom beyond one’s reach,  but often beyond one’s beliefs and MINDSET OPERATING SYSTEM”

Remember everyone manifests. – just maybe not exactly what they desire.

The Journey

“What would you dream to do,  if you absolutely knew you couldn’t fail?”

(Write your answer in your Success Activators “diary  please) and please also fill in the feedback questions below

Please note: My suggestion is to hold off on any other workshops you may have in mind until you’ve completed this process. Because of our research, and the info, we are able to assess, we are designing a 2 day and week-end workshops to DIRECTLY address the MINDSET issues and challenges you may have. We go beyond just giving you tools.  We assist you to transform the most important aspect of creating success….your MINDSET.

We have found that most workshops don’t truly and effectively address the CORE reason of why you are where you are…. The great news is…we can BEGIN TO help you resolve that.


If you close your eyes and look forward to imagine yourself at age 60 or 70… What vision do you have of yourself? Get clear in the details of Wealth, Health & Happiness. Now… Based upon your performance in your life so far, how certain are you of achieving this vision?

Consider…You mind is like a parachute… It’s no good to anyone…
unless it’s open…to new insights, ideas and possibilities.


My name is Tony Dovale of and I have been an entrepreneur for MOST of my life.

I’m not a P.O.W. (Prisoner of Work!) AI don’t work in the usual sense of the label in a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke).

I have reasonable time freedom, although I am very active doing what I love. I have some financial freedom, but, like you i’m working towards developing business systems and assets  to cover my monthly expenses automatically. No boss… No office hours… Few have-to’s. An opportunity to explore life more.

I got ripped off a while ago by a friend & business associate, Trevor Kingsley. He’s out on bail for theft and fraud, but Monte-Casino has my money! Over a million stolen from me! We’ll… I created it. Another Business deal cost me r2,500,000 in a proplerty company where a property developer Chris Buiskus Ripped me off, and a past girlfriend/friend took me for about R600,000…Sandy Fletcher cost ma around R140,000.

Plus a few other along the way…

Where’s the gift? Time for me to get growing 🙂 So what’s your plan. What plan are you following? PLAN?

YES your plan for your financial life.

Make sure you develop multiple financial plans to address your different needs; …A plan to be secure …A plan to be comfortable …A plan to be rich Which plan are you following right now?

Will it Guaranteed… deliver your desired results? If not, start making a new plan today. 80% of people have NO PLAN AT ALL. Time to wake up.


  • This  feedback is confidential and gets returned back to me for research.
  • If you have not created success you… how will you ENSURE success?


P.S. Because 1 of the prime determinants of success in life and business, is the ability to make quick, definite decisions, act, and influence others – I’ll be asking you to act in certain ways (all legal) through out this project.

I’ll be totally blunt: If you cannot, or will not, act on my requests, then this coaching / success Activation project is possibly not for you. I’m expecting you to move through your limiting beliefs. So please stretch beyond your normal comfort-zone.

Otherwise all is in vain! Knowledge, even insider knowledge and success principles, like those I’m about to share in this project cannot make a success out of anyone who lacks the courage to make decisions… and make them quickly, and then ACT to complete them.

Disciplined, decisive, focussed, swift  action truly is one of the most important qualities you must master before you can truly lead the great life.

 Ensure Greatest Success by Referring 2 Friends to JoinYou.

[tell-a-friend id=”1″ title=”Tell a friend”] Research shows that PEER coaching & support ENSURES greater chances of completion and success. so please invite 2 buddies to work with you…

20 Questions (Give or take a few)

Please note: you need to complete this and RETURN is to receive the next session. The system is designed to wait for your responese

So, my challenges are questions and processes to explore what your MINDSET is presently, if you are committed to your truly ENSURING your success.

It’s your choice as to whether you pass or fail. You can say yes or no to my challenges. A “yes” answer may very well be the catalyst that opens the doors of opportunity, success and abundance in your life.

A “no” answer could always leave you wondering “what might have been.” In either case, I wish you the very best on this adventure.

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  • Remember your personal  information will be kept confidential.
  • Have you created a Success Ensurance Wealth Coaching Project file/Diary for yourself yet?
  • To the level you participate fully, will you achieve your desired outcomes. The way you play this game is identical to how you play at life. So lets see how you are doing.
  • Lets get some action here please.
  • Ps If you discover some typos, please give me feedback so I can rectify them as we grow along.

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