Session 6- Wealth Gladiators Success Ensurance Coaching

“Pay It Forward” Apprentice Millionaire Coaching Circle

Insights, actions, resources and challenges to building Personal Power, Prosperity and Wealth in an ever challenging world.

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COACH’S COMMENT – Relationships


Welcome to session Wealth Gladiators session #6. One of the key reasons the vast majority of people “fail” in business, and life, is they don’t know how to develop and maintain good, honest, healthy relationships, with themselves, and with others.

Most people are living on automatic! Just like programmed robots. They use everything to DISTRACT themselves from the truth and the reality of the moment! Most people do the same thing, at the same time, on the same day, at the same place, with the same mindlessness as yesterday. Why do we live like robots? How conscious are we really?

What’s my real intention here? When you begin to discover that, you will possibly be on your way to being a wealthier, happier and a more aware and pro-active person, and maybe even a very good coach yourself.

Remember if you do what you have always done, you will most likely get what you have always got! If you don’t like your current circumstance/financial position, DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!

The secret is to come off automatic reaction and make thoughtful intelligent RESPONSES to any given stimulus. It will take effort, conscious awareness, focus and attention, but it pays huge rewards. When you see that you have control over your reactions, and your emotions, that are constantly created because of your reactions, You can move to RESPONSE-ABLE.

You will discover that you really have the power to shift your life and the lives of others, for the better, all starting from your “INNERVERSE”. Everything begins on the inside, and is finally created, or manifested, on the outside afterwards.

When you have control over your Innerverse and awareness of how your automated interpretations create emotions, perspectives and then responses, then will be the moment you become a MASTER.

You will discover that you attract what you least want by entertaining unedited, unconscious thought viruses.

It just takes courage, awareness, consciousness, focus, intention and responsive action. Positive Responsive Action is the magic potion for results. And the power of action comes from your internal frame of reference, perspectives of possibility, and your level of RESILIENCE and commitment to keep on moving through until you create success.

Think on this: “My Relationship with you has got nothing to do with you… It’s got EVERYTHING to do with me.”

I typically find in my Life Masters workshops that the average person does not have a great intra-Relationship (with Self). They have lied and continue to lie to themselves. They in fact often dislike themselves.

They dislike what they have, or have not done, and who they have become.

Often they break their Word/Integrity. They seem to have avoided facing the truth, as if that by ignoring it, they can make it go away.
And then they “project” this behavior onto others around them.

They can see everyone else’s flaws and misdeeds, but they seldom see or embrace their own. It’s called your “shadow”. If you cannot embrace your shadow, it will continue to control you, and be beyond your control.

If we are to succeed on any great level, change is needed. It starts on the inside by taking responsibility for Self, and grows by embracing our shadows, and by resolving broken agreements and making good on past breaches, misdeeds and wrong doings – with yourself and others in a kind, caring and gentle way.

Every breach/lie lives with you like a leak in your energy system. The more leaks you have the less resilience you have, the less confidence and life-force you have for health and wealth building.

Remember this… Your life is your business… and your business is your life.

Before you can clearly INTEND to create a better future, you need to begin to create better, clearer, open, honest relationships – starting with yourself. This will then flow to others automatically.

The foundation of most wealth is built on positive, supportive relationships.

Money without love, care, trust, integrity and intimacy… is not success or prosperity. It’s piracy or prostitution!

So right now get a Vision of your perfect relationships… with yourself and with others. Become a responsive proactive leader of your life, instead of waiting for someone else to lead you. Become your own COACH – with love, kindness, focus, passion and FIRMNESS to do the right thing.

Make a decision right now. What irrevocable decisions can you make right now, that will turn your relationships and your life around?

All results begin with a decision followed by massive action. What’s your decision and action plan for today that will set your foundation for growing your perfect relationships and your prosperity?



Planning for Success – Energy Management


Awareness Energy…What is it? Do you have it? Why do we need it? Where is yours Awareness Energy trapped or going to/ leaking to?

Energy is Power. Power to focus, Power to observe, Power to interpret positively and power to act. Power to take disciplined, focused, persistent action towards an agreed important mile stone or goal. This is the foundation of RESILIENCE and RESULTS.

In my daily coaching I see too many people who are lethargic, tired and distracted. They seem to have huge “leaks” within their energy system.

They seem to be like a modern day computer with too many “windows” open in the background. The background programmes/windows are consuming energy and draining resources, taking too much processing power, and so the programme active on the front screen seems sluggish and unresponsive.

Just like some people I’ve observed. They “leak” out into the past… into residual anger, rage, resentment, pain. And they leak out into the future… Fear, vagueness, no clarity, no vision, no passion and no hope.

In my research I have discovered that people in corporate positions typically waste around 55% to 70% or more of their daily Awareness Energy on self-preservation and protection within the “dangerous” politics of the workplace alone!

So what can you really be expected to achieve if almost all of your energy is being wasted on “Nothing” but protection, and past of future static. Not much.

Remember the past is gone. Whatever happened to you is also gone…You survived or thrived, except you CHOOSE, unconsciously, to keep re-creating the past “Static”, because you believe that by doing this you will…what?

What is the real benefit or re-creating past static? Will you please tell me?

Why not turn survive into thrive? How can you use your past experiences to build a better more powerful you in this now moment?
Remember Diamonds go through great pressure and heat to become a highly valuable gem. How could this relate to you?



Become aware of how much time you spend in your past memory banks that is not constructive to your life right now.

What can you do to change this?

So… Do it now!


You also waste precious Awareness Energy on future projected “static” – On stuff you cannot change or address in the Now.

You can survive anything. With this knowledge handle what is right in front of you. Worrying about the future never ever changed the future.

REMEMBER: The total truth is… you can handle or survive anything when it’s happening to you! You cannot do anything constructive with the past, or future projections… other than let them go, and come back fully to this present moment of right NOW and handle what’s here right now.

The problem is that we have been living with these “leaks” for most of our lives that we have come to accept and integrate them as “normal”. That is not true! Leaks can be cleared and the energy reintegrated back into our systems for better use.

By reclaiming your lost and wasted Awareness Energy you will have a substantially greater chance of achieving your dreams and living a happy, healthy, calm and fun-filled, peaceful and prosperous life.

Become aware. Then become Aware that you are Aware! Reclaim your Awareness Energy today… right NOW.

Make the decision today to let go of past issues that no longer serve your Vision. Make a decision to ensure that you don’t invest any more of your NOW energy into past of future projections.

Cut the leaks today- Forever! Become the master-of-the-moment.



1. Make a list of everyone whom you believe has made you angry.
Replay your internal movie/memory of the event and see how you could have been different if you had made the decision to be fully in charge of your state. See how you were really in charge, but gave your power away, unconsciously.

2. Choose your biggest fear with money. Explore ways of bringing this fear out into the open. What 3 things can you do to embrace and then neutralize this fear forever? Write your responses in your diary and email me if you are brave enough to commit to changing them.

3. Get a buddy to work with you. Sit back, relax, close your eyes and let you buddy ask you “What’s your biggest money issue?

Then “And what’s BEHIND that fear?” “And what’s BEHIND that?” over and over and over and over (30-50+ times). Let your buddy briefly write down all your responses.

Read through these notes afterwards to discover your hidden issues and constraints. Share them with us please, so we can learn to.

This is part of discovering the Secret behind the Secret. It’s about “Upstream Thoughts” (Fears, Worries, Concerns, Distractions… Versus “Down Stream” thoughts… Calm, peace, acceptance, creation.

Now make some new decisions to slay your Money Dragons today!


Watch your thoughts; they become your words.
Watch your words; they become your actions.
Watch your actions; they become your habits.
Watch your habits; they become your character.
Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.
– Tony Robbins




All millionaires became millionaires on the outside, AFTER they had already been millionaires on the inside for a while. Internal Mental Visualisation is the precursor to successful external achievement – SECRET

Millionaires are very clear about what, and how, they want things. It’s not a haphazard, hope-it-happens approach.

How clear is your internal vision for yourself. And are you already a millionaire in that internal image? Can you become an inner Moment Millionaire NOW? This is part of the Secret behind the Secret. It’s about your feelings about your future wealth…NOW.

Consider what level of investor you are and how this will impact your future.

Level 1: Those people with nothing to invest
Level 2: Borrowers
Level 3: Savers
Level 4: “Smart” Investors
Level 5: Long-term Investors
Level 6: Sophisticated Investors
Level 7: Intelligent Investors – who create investments

You are only a thought away from choosing wealth and happiness. It’s a decision you make in-a-moment (INNER-MOMENT).

The question is WILL YOU MAKE AN IRREVOCABLE DECISION? And then act on it?



Money Moment Wealth Building Exercise# 6





Your mind is like a parachute… It’s no good to anyone… unless it’s open…
to new insights, new ideas and new possibilities.


Imagine I have just given you R/$50,000. What would you do with it? In your wealth diary, list everything you would do with it in your diary. Now, visualise / imagine actually spending this money.

Imagine all of the feelings, sounds, experiences as vividly as possible as you spend/invest/save the 50,000.

Make notes of any special insights or experiences.

And please send me an email with your list of how you would utilise this money and any insights.


Thought for this Session


Please remember.. No one makes you angry…You make yourself angry at their actions or lack thereof!

You are the master – Take back your control of yourself.

If, before going to bed every night, you will tear a page from your calendar, and remark, “there goes another day of my life, never to return,” you will become a lot more conscious of how you are applying your time and your energy.

How many paydays do you have left?

Wake up!

To alter your financial position you have to alter your internal images and beliefs about what you can really achieve.




1. What is your biggest fear relating to money?

What we focus on we get more of. Become aware of your internal chatter, thoughts and beliefs about money, wealth and your deserve-ability.

2. What 3 things can you do to change these fears?
3. With respect to your Money – What 3 things do you need to stop? Write your responses down in your file.


Now What?


Our ability to think with clarity, purpose and focus is vital to our success in life and business. Our mental energy is VERY MUCH related to our overall physiology, health, lifestyle and thinking habits.

I don’t expect you to have perfect health habits. This is something we will be focusing on later, so we can be, and do, our best.

The adventure of life, towards happiness and success, is traveled one step at a time. Moment by moment. living in the present. Not In the hurt, anger or guilt of the past or in fearing the future!

I am surprised to see how many people carry such negative programmes about themselves! Low Self Esteem… And to see how well they play the “poor me…I’m the Victim/Martyr” game!

Remember … Each email you respond to is another step towards your more fulfilling destiny. Take action now and worry about your worries later. That does not mean go out and be irresponsible… like spending 20,000 on a new toy, clothes etc…!

Do the inner homework. It delivers the greatest return on investment ever. Invest in yourself -Build Self-Esteem to build your inner and outer Wealth..

Congratulations… And well done so far!


I trust that you have committed yourself to a higher standard for yourself, and will stay the distance with me over the next few sessions!

Your next session will arrive when you return this one.

Your Wealth Coach


Tony Dovale

Parting Thought – When will you make the IRREVOCABLE COMMITMENT to revamp your life, your unhealthy beliefs, unproductive behaviors, wasted actions, undermining associations and projected drama’s?

Could you do it NOW?

You create all the states and emotions within yourself. It is just that some people have given away their awareness and power and continue to manipulate and play the victim game..o’ poor me! ALL suffering is SELF INDUCED – STOP IT NOW!

It’s time to take your power back!

So what are you waiting for…go get it now and never give it away again – EVER!


The Phoenix Adventure – The beginning
of your journey towards real freedom



  QUESTIONS Session 6


Q1 How would you rate yourself on each quality – Honestly
(Scale 0= bad, 5 = average,10=excellent or somewhere in between)
Open Minded
Risk Taker
Q6.15. If you could change any 3 things about yourself what would they be?
Q6.16. Do you have written dreams and goals in all 8 areas of your life?
Yes No

Q6.17. Would you like to create more free time in your life? Yes No

Q6.18. how committed are you to generating more money? Yes No

Q6.19. How much More money per month or year will it take to fulfill your current needs?

Q6.20. How much money a month will it take to fulfill your dreams and goals?

Q6.21.How many hours per week do you spend watching TV?
Q6.22. Do you smoke? Yes No

Q6.23. Do you drink alcohol? Yes No

Q6.24. What are your hobbies or past time activities?

Q6.25. Are you employed in a JOB or Self Employed, Business System Owner or an Investor?


Q6.26. If you could start a business what would it be?

Q6.27. Where or what do you believe the next biggest need/demand is going to be in the world?
Q6.28. How is your health (be specific)?
Q6.29 Are you overweight? Yes? / No? Yes No

Q6.30 Why are you really really overweight?
Q6.31 How often do you exercise?

Q6.32. How much water do you drink each day (not coolies, tea or liquids) just plain good old water? None 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8+ Liters.

Q6.33. Do you consider yourself physically fit? Yes No

Q6.34 List 5 things you believe about yourself that you believe are Negative qualities
Q6.35 List 5 things you believe about yourself that you believe are Positive qualities

Q6.36 What new choices & decisions do you feel you can make NOW to ensure a better quality of life?


A Story – The Beggar


The Beggar Story…The stranger suddenly got a curious glint in his eye and said the Secret to success is not in “TRYING”…

“Why not give it another go? Try open the box again. You never know what can happen”. Come on…! Give it another try. Give it your best shot.

Forget about your past attempts, failures and mistakes. This is a new time, a new moment, a new Now! You will never know unless you give it your best… again.” – But this time, don’t “TRY” – Set the intention to DO IT no matter what!

The beggar’s eyes glazed over, like he was in a daze or a trance. And as he gazed, mesmerized, into the distance, it seemed like he had slipped away inside a dream.

What the stranger could not see, was the beggar was is a semi daydream, internally, mentally going over his entire life. Going through all of his past losses, hurts, pains and successes.

Suddenly… the beggar was jolted back to reality as some passerby tossed another few meager coins into his tatty old cap lying in the gravel beside the sidewalk.

“I suppose I can try” he said slowly, as he still pondered the possibility of setting himself free from his past limitations and experiences.

Secret: Imagine if you could just let past limitations and fears and pains, and hurtful experiences all go… NOW. You can decide to let them all go now…. can you not… now?

“Try! Why try? Are you not committed enough to move beyond try?!” the stranger exclaimed.

The beggar began …






Are you doing the exercises? Are you writing in your file?
To the level that you participate in this project, is a revelation as to the level you participate in creating your own life’s results.

Become aware of how you hold yourself back from success.

Why are you not in the top 3% of people?
ONLY you know the real truth.