Session 4- Wealth Gladiators Success Ensurance Coaching

“Pay It Forward” Apprentice Millionaire Coaching Circle

Insights, actions, resources and challenges to building Personal Power MINDSET, Prosperity and Wealth in an ever challenging world.

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COACH’S COMMENT – Are you Committed?

I have discovered that almost every person has everything they require for health, wealth and success already within themselves.

They have either, never explored and discovered that side of themselves, or they have had a brief glimpse of it at one time, got distracted and lost it again. .. Or they have set up unconscious LIMITATIONS and AGREEMENTS that they use to hold themselves back from achieving their dreams and desires.

They play the “Poor Me ” – I’m the Victim Game! Blaming everyone else for their situation. Never REALLY setting out to achieve their dreams. They have never really committed themselves to altering their financial state. It’s always been well… I tried or I’ll give it a try.

There is no TRY…! Try, is an excuse you give yourself because you are not prepared to make a full commitment or…(Fill in the blank excuse appropriate to yourself).

When you say I’ll TRY… What are you really saying? DON’T count on me! I’m not committed! I will not give it my best shot.

I am preparing to share and coach you to rediscovering your missing success keys and unlocking your door to happiness, health and wealth. But I CANNOT DO IT FOR YOU.

I’m asking you to a whole lot more than TRY After all this is for you!

I’m stunned to the how many people are so apathetic towards their personal happiness and success. If you are not 10/10 committed to yourself – Who should be?

Few people have achieved success etc.. by fluke. They were ALL ACTIVELY involved in their own destiny. They ALSO HAD WRITTEN CLEAR GOALS which they follow up with massive action a clear focus.

If you don’t have any goals – GET SOME ASAP. It’s like going on holiday journey … with no planned destination or plan. How will you ever know that you have arrived?

I’m going to be taking you there… if you are Brave enuf… you are Committed enuf… and you are Interested enuf in… taking your life BACK – NOW.

Simple to do – Simple not to do… But this small error in judgment compounded over time will keep you from achieving your dreams!

Ready? Let’s continue now.



Planning for Success – Ability to Influence


One of the most common traits that wealthy and prosperous people share is that of personal influence. The power to influence and sway others decisions and actions.

As much as we may not like loud, assertive or overly confident people, you will often see that these types of people somehow seem to make things happen for themselves.

Take a look at anyone around you. Assess their level of success, wealth and personal power. The quiet, meek and mild people, who are locked into their “Comfort Zone” are usually the ones under most pressure to survive.



What’s got to happen for you to become resilient to fearing other peoples judgments of yourself.

Get specific in the details. Write your list down.


Competing today is a far cry from competing in the old-times. The pressure is on! The stakes are high and the penalties of failure excessive.

Our challenge is a simple one. How do I create a prosperous, healthy and happy life in these hectic, turbulent and challenging times?

The skill of persuasion is central to being able to motivate, guide, leverage and synergize with other people.

There are VERY SPECIFIC ways of creating influence

Reciprocity – You give somebody something…

Scarcity- Running out of supply. Quickly get yours now!

Authority – Superior skill, knowledge or position

Consensus – Social proof…everyone else is doing it

Consistency & Commitment – Reliable, safe, small steps

Liking – Trust, rapport, genuine, similar to the other


Which of these do you use unconsciously? Which can you use consciously?

It takes confidence, courage and belief in yourself to put yourself out front. It’s a risk, it’s a challenge… but it is necessary , if you are ever going to build your dream lifestyle.

You are either… building your dream or…
you are building someone else’s!

Someone has persuaded you to focus on their goals rather than yours. They sold you THEIR YES! How sad?

Ok.. So now ask yourself…How persuasive am I? In what ways can I improve? Am I scared of Rejection? What is it that I’m really concerned about ? Do I worry about what other people will think of me? What have I lost in the past because I have been to scared to ask?

Fear of Rejection is probably the #1 Reason why people are not wealthy!

Are you too comfortable in your comfort zone? Are you really happy with where your safe, comfort-zone will lead you to?

Or do you want more? More fun…More freedom…More money, …health, …friends, …time, …opportunity or any other positive things you can think of?

It’s all up to YOU! Please take action for a point of Love, fun, freedom and abundance. It’s part of the secret to the secret.



Millionaire Moment

1. Get clear about what you  really… really…really want in your life. Write it down now.
What single decision will make you a Wealthy Soul?
Your Action Project for this session is to:
Consider…You’ll never know what you can achieve until you give iyour absolute best shot… again! and again! and again!




1. Go out and nfluence 2 new people to oin this complimentary wealth coaching project as  additional "coaching buddies

2. Influence them to join YOUR Master-Mind  prosperity team, to meet/interact with you, as the Inspirer, on a regular  basis to chat/brainstorm and explore new ideas on wealth creation.

This will be your test to see if you’ve made the irrevocable decision to take life by the horns – Act or sit back. Either decision will reflect directly on your future  success.
Get out of your comfort zone and deliver some SWIFT ACTION that will shift your life forever.



1. What is my biggest fear relating to money?

2. What 3 things can I do t</span>o change this fear?
3. With respect to my money – What 3 things do I need to STOP?
4. With respect to my money – What 3 things do I need to  START?
5. With respect to my money – What 3 things must I CONTINUE?

What does ROI stand for? do a web
search and let me know please. And ROA? ROA is your Return on your Activity/Action. Once you understand ROI, you will have a clear
picture if ROA.


Remember…Rich people choose to get rewarded based on their results whilst poor or lazy people choose to get paid based on their time – which are you?
Do you want security? Or freedom? The reason I ask, is because most poor people always choose security. And that’s a silly decision based on FEAR or Laziness.

What they’re actually saying is, &quot;I’m afraid I won’t be able to earn enough based on my performance, so I’ll settle for earning just enough (JOB) to survive or to be sort of comfortable.  (That’s till you are around 60-70) THEN the game really changes!


Money Moment


Imagine I have just given you R/$10,000. What would you do with it? List everything
you would do with it in your diary. And please send me an email with
your list of how you would utilise this money.

LifeShift – The ultimate personal Makeover from the inside out.



Story: The Beggar….

“Spare me some change?” Mumbled the beggar, habitually holding his out his tattered and dirty old cap.

“….I have nothing of value to give you that you don’t already have” said the stranger as he looked intently into the blurry, and bloodshot, eyes of the beggar.

Then he asked the beggar “What’s in that box you’re sitting on?
(continues next email)



Exercises Part2 – Influence X2


As we have discovered, wealthy and prosperous people have influence! Wealthy people do what poor people are to scared or too lazy to do.

So as part of your later Millionaire Moment exercise in expanding your personal power and wealth potential, I’m challenging you to “influence” people to participate in this free Wealth coaching project with you.

This is your challenge to see how serious you really are about creating your dream life-style. How you approach this may be how you approach your life!

This is the start of your move towards outgoing action and persistence. Time for action. So show me how “active” and influential you can get.

Q4.31. Rate your ability to influence another person to do something you want them to do. 0 to 10. 0=useless 5=ok 10=every time, or somewhere in between.


4.32. Make a list of all of the things that would improve your ability to influence?

4.33. Make a list of everything that you can begin to think or do right now that will positively develop your skill to influence and act?
4.34 Set 3 goals to test your ability to influence over the next week or two. Please note there is a distinct difference between influence and manipulation.
4.35. Become aware of how other people try to influence you.
What do you notice? Who typically has more power to influence and why?
4.36. What is your biggest risk/potential loss in attempting to influence someone?
4.37. How can you alter this risk? What mental perspectives / paradigms do you need to shift? How can you shift them NOW?
4.38. If you did the calculations of what your losses are/or could be due to low influential skills over the next 20 years or so you would be stunned. Try to estimate the financial value to yourself and your family over the next 20 years if you were to become really good at positively influencing others.
4.39. What would you do IF YOU KNEW YOU COULD NOT FAIL?
Make a list of everything you would… be, do, or have if I could guarantee that you could never fail?
4.40. What really holds you back from Succeeding?